Food Tripping

1 Oct

A classic road trip may seem the perfect excuse for you to grab a big mag or a take away from the Burger King. Although it’s tasty, fast and easy, lots of people regret their unhealthy snack the minute they throw way the wrapping.

To avoid this, the team of the sustainability-oriented multimedia platform SHFT, developed the Food Tripping app.

What is it?

The Food Tripping app helps you to locate the nearest healthy food options near you, within the US. The iOS and Android friendly app uses GPS to locate the nearest SHFT-approved dining options, to make sure you have a nice, healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Why is it cool?

Food Tripping is an attractive and inspiring app, because more and more people prefer a healthy dinner over a fast, unhealthy snack. By using this app, you have the opportunity to choose a healthy dinner instead of a fast take-away meal.

Why does it have future growth potential?

This healthy app could also be a source of inspiring, because, while using it, people are more likely to have a good think before they go to something like the Mac drive.

It’s also a way to find dining options near to you where you might have never been. This gives you the opportunity to try something healthy, different and new.

food-tripping4-thumb-297x559-57892    food-tripping3-thumb-315x559-57860

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