Shadow app

1 Oct

Apparently 95% of dreams are forgotten just after waking up. That means one-third of our lives is lost within the subconscious. That’s why the app SHADOW is created. The creators want to do more than just reclaim the time. They want to use it to build a web of global dreams behaviors and themes, the moment after you woke up.

What is it?

SHADOW is created to be a kind of dream ecosystem. The app starts as an alarm clock, with a series of escalating alarm sounds that have the ability to seamlessly blend into your sleep cycles. They ensure the transition between a deep sleep and waking up. After you woke up, you can immediately record your dreams via a text field or a voice recorder. There are even some options to help you remember your dreams.

Why is it cool?

SHADOW is a really cool app, because it’s the first app that gives you the opportunity  to remember your dreams. To help you to remember your dreams, the app asks you some questions to clarify the images of your dreams. I think it’s really cool that there’s a way to save your dreams and finally can re-read the things you usually forget.

Why does it have future growth potential?

There has  been a lot of research going on dreams. Why do people dream, what do they dream and why do they forget their dreams? This app is a nice tool for people who are curious about their dreams and want to know what kind of dreams they have, but the results of the SHADOW app could also be used for research, so doctors and scientists can get collective answers on many questions.

          shadowapp-5A-thumb-307x397-67112  shadowapp-4-thumb-307x397-67110

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