Zensorium Tinke

1 Oct

Have you ever wondered how healthy you are at any giving moment? Now there’s a way to find out, without going to the hospital for a checkup. With a tiny device called Tinke, you can do it all by yourself.

What is it?
Tinke is a miniature wellness and stress monitor. It’s a small, really light device which you can plug into your iPhone. After doing this, you can press your thumb on the screen. Now your iPhone will show your current condition, your heart rate, your blood and oxygen levels and your heart rhythm.

Why is it cool?
I think Tinke is a very cool app, because people can see their current conditions within a few seconds. The app shows the results with some matching pictures, so the user can easily understand how the results are displayed. When they think something’s wrong with their health, they can use Tinke to find out whether it’s a serious problem and then might go see a doctor.

Why does it have future growth potential?
Because people can check their current condition at any time of the day, they can keep an eye on their own health. As a result, they won’t go to see a doctor as soon as they think something might be wrong with them. So doctors have more time to help people with serious problems, instead of listening to people who come to their offices with some vague symptoms.



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