10 Oct

A smartphone these days only lasts a few years, if you’re lucky, before it breaks or isn’t longer in use. If only a part of the phone is broken, yet we throw away the whole phone, because in most cases, it’s impossible to repair that part of the phone that’s broken. Now, this problem can be solved.

What is it?

Phonebloks is a new kind of phone. It’s made of several bloks, which you can dismantle. When one part of your phone breaks, you can easily replace the broken part with another.

You can buy new bloks in the store, where you could also sell your old blogs and read reviews from other users.

It is your choice how to compose your phone. You can buy a pre-assembled phone, or assemble it with bloks from brands you want to support. It’s all up to you.

Why is it cool?

Phonebloks is a really cool device, because it is a really smart solution for many broken phones. Now you don’t have to throw away your phone anymore if only one part doesn’t work. You can easily replace the broken part, so your phone lasts way longer. Also, it’s cheaper than buying a new phone every once in a while. I think that especially young people, will think it’s a cool device, because they save lots of money with it!

Why has it future growth potential?

Lately, people would rather save their money than spend it. Phonebloks is a way to support this idea. By replacing the broken parts of your phone, you are saving money because you don’t have to buy a whole new phone. I think I’m not the only one who thinks this is a great idea, so in the future, this device might be a great success.

phonebloksphonebloks 2

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