Tinder: Hot or Not

10 Oct

Tinder is a new kind of app. It’s a way of connecting with other people on a whole different level. You can use it as a serious business, or just for fun.

okcupid-tinderWhat is it?

After installing the app, you have to log in with your Facebook account. From this, the app gathers some personal information about you, so it can connect you to the Tinder network. Now it’s your turn. On the screen you see some photos with information of people who could be your possible match. If you like the person you see, you can ‘like’ him or her. If the other person ‘likes’ you too, you could start a chat session, which could lead to a possible date. If you don’t like the person you see, you could just ‘skip’ the person. So, this might be an opportunity to find your perfect match!

 Why is it cool?

I think this app is a cool way to get in touch with people. If you’re a little shy and scared to approach people or just talk to them, this could be a great way to take a first step. You can easily choose people you are attractive to, so there won’t be any creepy guys talking to you. And if you find a possible match, it might be ending in a relationship.

Why has it future growth potential?

This app has future growth potential, because people with lower social skills have the opportunity to get in touch with other people to. For some people it’s a serious chance, but others see it as a way to check out who’s hot or not. You see, there is a positive side on the app for many sorts of people!



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