Printemps Department Store Paris

14 Nov

Are you tired of you just going to a store, looking around, buy something and simply go home? Now there’s a whole new experience as regards shopping. In Paris, you can go to Printemps and go shopping like Parisians have always done before!

 departmentstore Paris 1What is it?

Printemps is a luxurious department store in the middle of Paris. This beautiful building is a modern equivalent of the monumental glass dome from 1923. The designers George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg combined the department store and the glass dome and created a whole new store. This isn’t just a regular store, because not only shopping is a fun thing to do, but the experience the store gives you is very special and will be in your memory for a very long time!

 Why is it cool?

I think the department store Printemps is a very cool concept, because it is a really nice idea that you can shop like Parisians have always done. The store has a whole unique French theme, which brings you back to the old times in Paris! This idea of “the old Paris” has the company Yabu Pushelberg modernized to a store with a special experience.

The way Yabu and Pushelberg designed the department, is a very inspiring way, because you are walking around in a true piece of art, while you’re shopping at a very high level.

Why does it have future growth potential?

In my opinion this special department store has definitely future growth potential, because the ‘New Old’ idea of the concept will inspire a lot of shop owners. I think this idea will be implemented and more and more stores will change or design their concept to something like this, because it inspires and attracts the shoppers and will cause lots of positive attention.

departmentstore paris 2

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