Pop-up restaurant: The Cube

22 Nov

Just another restaurant. A nice atmosphere, good food and a friendly staff. It’s nice, but not really an experience. Now Electrolux has a new idea of going out for dinner. A restaurant, every certain time on a different place. But, how does this concept work?

 What is it?

The Cube is a new kind of restaurant created by Electrolux. The restaurant is set in a big city for a certain time. After this time, the restaurant moves to another city. In every city, The Cube is located on one of the highest roofs. So, when you’re having dinner or lunch there, you have the most amazing view in town.

There is one big table, where only 18 people can sit. There aren’t many more seats needed, because a 4-course dinner costs 200 euro’s. The food is very exclusive, ‘cause it’s prepared by three Michelin cooks. The table comes down from the ceiling when dinner is being served, and goes up again after, when people have the opportunity to talk about the experience while having a drink.

The restaurant has already been in a few big city’s like Paris, Brussels, Stockholm and Moscow.

Why is it cool?

This is a very cool concept in my opinion, because it’s one design that travels around the world. Though it’s a very expensive restaurant, I think the idea of a different location every time makes the experience so special. I don’t think other restaurants should copy this idea, because it wouldn’t be original anymore. So Electrolux strands out from the rest with this concept.

Why does it have future growth potential?

I think The Cube has future growth potential. Now, it’s a little concept that is contended for a particular group of people. If this concept spreads and more and more of these restaurants will develop, the cheaper it will be and the more customers they will get. Because it’s such a special experience, I think there are many people who will try this when they can afford it.

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