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A trensgender being a miss?

20 Jan

Insecure about your looks? Don’t be! This story about Jackie will show that everybody can be a miss, even if you’re not exactly what others think you are..

appearance 5 1What is it?
Jackie Green is an 18-year-old model. She’s attending a beauty pageant. She’s doing pretty well, ‘cause she’s in semifinal for the title of Miss England. Especially for her, that’s a big deal, because Jackie hasn’t always been Jackie. Jackie was born as Jack, a boy who decided he’d rather be a woman, at the age of 16. He had an operation and an hormone treatment to become the Jackie he always wanted to be.
This is such a special thing, because Jackie is the first transgender ever who gets it through to the semifinals of the Miss England beauty pageant.

Why is it cool?
I think, that a transgender going through to the semifinals of a beauty pageant, is pretty cool, because it’s a statement for trans genders all over the world. They can finally be the person they want to be, and show it to others. By participating in a beauty pageant and making it to the semifinals, their self-esteem will get a really big boost, ‘cause it will mean they’re accepted for who they are. I think it’s cool especially, because nobody’s judging her of being a trans, and that she’s been giving the opportunity to finally be accepted the way she wants to be!

Why does it have future growth potential?
Trans genders entering, and even might winning, beauty pageants, is a great motivator for lots of people. People who are insecure about their looks, or who don’t have the guts to show the world who they really are or want to be, are incitement to express themselves. I think, that more and more people will come true for themselves after seeing others do it to (with success!). So, I think, in the future, more people will take a leaf out of people like Jackie!

appearance 5 2



Invisible underwear

20 Jan

Finally, tonight you can wear that little, tight black dress! You have took a shower, your make-up is done, your hair is done, you can finally put on the dress. Oh no, you can see your underpants trough the dress. Girl problem 2.0! I’m definitely NOT going to wear a big underpants. How to solve this problem..?

What is it?
Let me introduce you to the Babapanty. This is an ‘invisible’ underpants. Are you also sick of those underwear lines underneath your sexy tight dress? Do you prefer to wear any kind of underwear, but refuse to wear those libido lowing ‘granny panty’s’? than the Babapanty’s are your solution. The product is comfortable, even when you’re on your period, and much sexier than those big panty’s. The panty’s are made of see trough material with white clips. Not everyone is that enthusiast about the Babapanty’s, but it might be an amazing product!

appearance 4 1

Why is it cool?

In my opinion, the idea behind Babapanty’s are a great solution for the visible, uncomfortable underwear, but is it cool the way it looks? Definitely not. For one evening, this could be an option, but I don’t think it will become an average utensil. I’ve looked all over the internet, and there are a lot more solutions for this “girl problem”. Victoria Secret has a line of ‘no lines & seamless’ underwear. This underwear is much more sexy and also invisible, so if you really think about it, is this really a good idea?

Why does it have future growth potential?

I think the panty’s might have a future, but they won’t being used to a large extend. I think they’re usable for a small group of women, who go to party’s with short dresses of tight skinny’s, but I also think lots of women wouldn’t feel the need to buy them for only this occasion, ‘cause I think, after you used it once, you throw it away. In my opinion the Babapanty’s don’t really have future growth potential, but I’m sure there will be talked about!

appearance 4 2  appearance 4 3

You’re prettier than you think you are

20 Jan

You know the feeling when you get out of bed, look in the mirror and already know you can’t help yourself. You look terrible. Your hair is a mess and you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes. The well-meant “don’t be such a drag, you look the same as you always do!” doesn’t help at all.. Probably others don’t see the thing that bother you that much about yourself, because you see all the little things you think are bad about yourself, while others don’t. This video will show how.


What is it?
This an advertisement of Dove, which they’ll show women how pretty they really are. The women will be drawn twice by a professional artist. The first sketch will show how the women describe their selves. The second sketch is a description of the women, based on the subscribe of other women. At the end, the artist shows the women the two sketches, so they can compare them to each other. The women are amazed by the difference between the sketches. The second, which was described by others, was much prettier than the sketch where they described their selves! Conclusion of this ad: you’re much prettier than you think you are!


390-dove-0417Why is it cool?
This kind of ad is a really cool idea to make the women aware of their own beauty. Most women have a negative self-image of their selves. By showing them how others describe them, they’ll realize that others don’t see them the way they think they do. Others have a much more positive view of how they look. When they see de differences between the two sketches, they will be aware of this. This will be a huge boost for their self-esteem!

 Why does it have future growth potential?
These kinds of ads are nowadays really popular, because companies want to show people that you don’t have to be skinny with blond hair and blue eyes to be pretty. That’s why more stores and ads focus on the ‘real’ woman, with the pretty curves and the happy smiles. This ad is just an example of how the media and companies want to make ads more realistic and give women all over the world an self-esteem boost. I think, in the future, more and more companies, ads and commercials will do the same thing as Dove does!

Here’s a video about the campagne, definitely worth watching!

Dove, how you see yourself & how others see you

“You are not a sketch”

20 Jan

appearance 2 1Pictures of girls with anorexia. You see them all over the internet. We want to try to help them, but usually it’s all up to them. The best thing you could do, is to prevent. Star Models has their way of preventing anorexia on young girls. This is how they did it.

What is it?
A modeling agency in Brazil called Star Models, has released a new anti-anorexia ad campaign. They take pictures of models and turn them into life-size fashions illustrations (the illustrations which often look like the first fashion sketches of designers). By airbrushing the models into sketches, they want to spread the message to young women: ‘You are not a sketch!’ With this campaign, the agency wants to counter anorexia and they want to show that many pictures in the model industry aren’t realistic.

Why is it cool?

I think the campaign is a cool idea, because it has a very strong opinion. The powerful graphic ad campaign has been launched with the hope that it will send an effective anti-anorexia message among young people. Though, some people see the ad as an encourage for the disease trough social media. Some think that women could look at these pictures and images for ‘thinspiration’ (inspiration for ‘how to be thin’).

I’ve found a site ( where the consequences of anorexia were described. I was really shocked by it, so I respected the “You are nog a sketch” campaign even more. It’s really cool that, also companies, contribute to something like anorexia to help girls all over the world!

appearance 2 2Why does it have future growth potential?
This idea has definitely future growth potential, because it shows the dangers of anorexia. The images show the thinness of how you could look with anorexia, and I’m sure almost no one thinks that’s pretty. They want to shock people with these kinds of campaigns to fight against anorexia. I think more ads will be based on these types of pictures to make people aware of the dangers of this disease. They will affect people by the shocking images and, in my opinion, will give girls, who think about going anorexic, a chance on a second thought.


Just the way you are (also for men)

20 Jan

For years, women in magazines are being Photo shopped from their selves to the perfect beauty ideal. But what about the guys? Instead of realistic role models, they are still faced with pictures of perfect males modelling boxers beneath impossible taut six-packs. What to do about that?

appearance 1 2What is it?
Jenny Francis, from paper The Sun, counterfeited an advertisement for underwear, with average men instead of models. Four brave Sun readers posed in their underpants to recreate the famous ads. The idea behind these advertises, is the same as lots of companies advertise for these day. You don’t have to compare yourself with the perfect models you see in adverts or on TV. You’re perfect the way you are. Now these pictures are a little comic as well, but the message is still the same.

Why is it cool?
This advertisement is cool, because, normally these kinds of advertisements are responding to the confidence of women, but now they increase the man’s self-esteem. In general, these adds are perfect to embrace someone’s self-image, but I think it’s fantastic that The Sun made an add, with the same vision, for men.
I think lots of people, especially men, will look different at the ads with the gorgeous models with the perfect body’s and the pretty faces, now they have seen this. They don’t have to compare their selves with them, but be happy with who they are. It’s also kind of funny, so people will remember and spread the photos, so more and more people will be aware of their own perfectness.

Why does it have future growth potential?
These kinds of advertisements have future growth potential, because I think that more and more companies will use ‘the average man’ for their campaigns instead of models. So, the public could easier compare themselves to the people in the ads and probably will like them better. They shouldn’t feel like they have to change themselves to the people in the commercials, but be happy the way they are. They’re just as average as the people on TV and in magazines, so they won’t feel the pressure of being ‘perfect’ anymore.

appearance 1 1