A trensgender being a miss?

20 Jan

Insecure about your looks? Don’t be! This story about Jackie will show that everybody can be a miss, even if you’re not exactly what others think you are..

appearance 5 1What is it?
Jackie Green is an 18-year-old model. She’s attending a beauty pageant. She’s doing pretty well, ‘cause she’s in semifinal for the title of Miss England. Especially for her, that’s a big deal, because Jackie hasn’t always been Jackie. Jackie was born as Jack, a boy who decided he’d rather be a woman, at the age of 16. He had an operation and an hormone treatment to become the Jackie he always wanted to be.
This is such a special thing, because Jackie is the first transgender ever who gets it through to the semifinals of the Miss England beauty pageant.

Why is it cool?
I think, that a transgender going through to the semifinals of a beauty pageant, is pretty cool, because it’s a statement for trans genders all over the world. They can finally be the person they want to be, and show it to others. By participating in a beauty pageant and making it to the semifinals, their self-esteem will get a really big boost, ‘cause it will mean they’re accepted for who they are. I think it’s cool especially, because nobody’s judging her of being a trans, and that she’s been giving the opportunity to finally be accepted the way she wants to be!

Why does it have future growth potential?
Trans genders entering, and even might winning, beauty pageants, is a great motivator for lots of people. People who are insecure about their looks, or who don’t have the guts to show the world who they really are or want to be, are incitement to express themselves. I think, that more and more people will come true for themselves after seeing others do it to (with success!). So, I think, in the future, more people will take a leaf out of people like Jackie!

appearance 5 2




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