Invisible underwear

20 Jan

Finally, tonight you can wear that little, tight black dress! You have took a shower, your make-up is done, your hair is done, you can finally put on the dress. Oh no, you can see your underpants trough the dress. Girl problem 2.0! I’m definitely NOT going to wear a big underpants. How to solve this problem..?

What is it?
Let me introduce you to the Babapanty. This is an ‘invisible’ underpants. Are you also sick of those underwear lines underneath your sexy tight dress? Do you prefer to wear any kind of underwear, but refuse to wear those libido lowing ‘granny panty’s’? than the Babapanty’s are your solution. The product is comfortable, even when you’re on your period, and much sexier than those big panty’s. The panty’s are made of see trough material with white clips. Not everyone is that enthusiast about the Babapanty’s, but it might be an amazing product!

appearance 4 1

Why is it cool?

In my opinion, the idea behind Babapanty’s are a great solution for the visible, uncomfortable underwear, but is it cool the way it looks? Definitely not. For one evening, this could be an option, but I don’t think it will become an average utensil. I’ve looked all over the internet, and there are a lot more solutions for this “girl problem”. Victoria Secret has a line of ‘no lines & seamless’ underwear. This underwear is much more sexy and also invisible, so if you really think about it, is this really a good idea?

Why does it have future growth potential?

I think the panty’s might have a future, but they won’t being used to a large extend. I think they’re usable for a small group of women, who go to party’s with short dresses of tight skinny’s, but I also think lots of women wouldn’t feel the need to buy them for only this occasion, ‘cause I think, after you used it once, you throw it away. In my opinion the Babapanty’s don’t really have future growth potential, but I’m sure there will be talked about!

appearance 4 2  appearance 4 3

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