Just the way you are (also for men)

20 Jan

For years, women in magazines are being Photo shopped from their selves to the perfect beauty ideal. But what about the guys? Instead of realistic role models, they are still faced with pictures of perfect males modelling boxers beneath impossible taut six-packs. What to do about that?

appearance 1 2What is it?
Jenny Francis, from paper The Sun, counterfeited an advertisement for underwear, with average men instead of models. Four brave Sun readers posed in their underpants to recreate the famous ads. The idea behind these advertises, is the same as lots of companies advertise for these day. You don’t have to compare yourself with the perfect models you see in adverts or on TV. You’re perfect the way you are. Now these pictures are a little comic as well, but the message is still the same.

Why is it cool?
This advertisement is cool, because, normally these kinds of advertisements are responding to the confidence of women, but now they increase the man’s self-esteem. In general, these adds are perfect to embrace someone’s self-image, but I think it’s fantastic that The Sun made an add, with the same vision, for men.
I think lots of people, especially men, will look different at the ads with the gorgeous models with the perfect body’s and the pretty faces, now they have seen this. They don’t have to compare their selves with them, but be happy with who they are. It’s also kind of funny, so people will remember and spread the photos, so more and more people will be aware of their own perfectness.

Why does it have future growth potential?
These kinds of advertisements have future growth potential, because I think that more and more companies will use ‘the average man’ for their campaigns instead of models. So, the public could easier compare themselves to the people in the ads and probably will like them better. They shouldn’t feel like they have to change themselves to the people in the commercials, but be happy the way they are. They’re just as average as the people on TV and in magazines, so they won’t feel the pressure of being ‘perfect’ anymore.

appearance 1 1


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