You’re prettier than you think you are

20 Jan

You know the feeling when you get out of bed, look in the mirror and already know you can’t help yourself. You look terrible. Your hair is a mess and you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes. The well-meant “don’t be such a drag, you look the same as you always do!” doesn’t help at all.. Probably others don’t see the thing that bother you that much about yourself, because you see all the little things you think are bad about yourself, while others don’t. This video will show how.


What is it?
This an advertisement of Dove, which they’ll show women how pretty they really are. The women will be drawn twice by a professional artist. The first sketch will show how the women describe their selves. The second sketch is a description of the women, based on the subscribe of other women. At the end, the artist shows the women the two sketches, so they can compare them to each other. The women are amazed by the difference between the sketches. The second, which was described by others, was much prettier than the sketch where they described their selves! Conclusion of this ad: you’re much prettier than you think you are!


390-dove-0417Why is it cool?
This kind of ad is a really cool idea to make the women aware of their own beauty. Most women have a negative self-image of their selves. By showing them how others describe them, they’ll realize that others don’t see them the way they think they do. Others have a much more positive view of how they look. When they see de differences between the two sketches, they will be aware of this. This will be a huge boost for their self-esteem!

 Why does it have future growth potential?
These kinds of ads are nowadays really popular, because companies want to show people that you don’t have to be skinny with blond hair and blue eyes to be pretty. That’s why more stores and ads focus on the ‘real’ woman, with the pretty curves and the happy smiles. This ad is just an example of how the media and companies want to make ads more realistic and give women all over the world an self-esteem boost. I think, in the future, more and more companies, ads and commercials will do the same thing as Dove does!

Here’s a video about the campagne, definitely worth watching!

Dove, how you see yourself & how others see you

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