Eatable Music

20 Feb

Have you ever felt sad, without any chocolate around or any ‘feel good’ music to cheer you up? Wohlfahrt Schokolade found the perfect solution to combine these two things, just to make you feel better. So no more crying faces and sad days! I’m going to make sure you won’t have to feel bad again, with this eatable piece of music!

eatable music 1What is it?

Wohlfarth Schokolade is a chocolate producent in Berlin, which combines music with chocolate. The company produces chocolate Gramophone plates which aren’t only edible, but actually produce music! The idea behind the concept is simple: put it 5 minutes in the refrigerator, take it out and put it carefully on the turntable, choose 45 revolutions per minute and enjoy the music!

Why is it cool?

I think this piece of choco vinyl is a really original and fun concept. I mean, how has anyone ever thought about this? Although, the idea of music and food is a great combination for lots of people. It’s really cool to get something like this as a gift, but I think there’s a more important reason for people to buy this. When you have a bad day, you could listen to the music at first. Afterwards, you could eat the chocolate, just to feel better. I really think this can brighten up your day! It will improve the Quality of Life, because the music & chocolate have a happy effect on people!

I’d combine this Coolhunt with Development & Activity (leisure/hobbies) and Emotional Wellbeing (positive affect) from the Felce & Perry Model. Music is usually used in your free time, also Leisure. People use music to relax or as background music when they do other activities. Also, the chocolate has a positive affect on you, because of the ‘phenyl ethylamine’ that’s in it. This matter stimulates the brains in a positive way. That’s why chocolate makes you happy, and why it belongs to Emotional Wellbeing on the Model of Felce & Perry.

eatable music 2Why does it have future growth potential?

I think this eatable gramophone plates do have future growth potential, because of their originality. Nowadays, people want something special, something fun and something new. Everybody knows what chocolate and gramophone plates are, but when you combine these two, you’ll get a whole new product.

The company is even expanding its assortment, with, for example, chocolate meat. This is perfect for vegetarian, because it’s made of cacao of Bio-quality. They’re trying to create lots of tastes for every person, so everyone could enjoy this delicious taste of music!

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