20 Feb

Do you want to go on a city trip, but are you a little suspicious about booking an hotel, about the landlords and the chance of being swindled? will help you to get rid of your suspicion, so you can have a great hotel, nice landlords and worry-free city trip!

What is it? is an online meeting-place for landlords and renters. Here they can meet each other, have contact and make arrangements of renting a place. You can link your Rooming account to your Facebook account, so you have the opportunity to get to know more about your renter or landlord. You could get to know each other, which will improve the trust for the renter, but also for the landlord.

rooming 1

Why is it cool?

I think Rooming is cool, because it creates a band of trust between landlords and renters. The transparency is the main reason is being used, because lots of people these days, are pretty suspicious. The fact that they can gather so much information about the other, will be a whole appeasement for both.

Why does it have future growth potential?

Sites like do really have future growth potential, because the trend transparency wouldn’t stop for a while. People want to know more and more about the places they’re going to and the people they have contact with. I think there will be more sites or places created like Rooming, so the transparency will get bigger and bigger.

rooming 2

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