20 Feb

summ 3Do you love to snack, but are you tired of the unhealthy, fattening products? Summ has THE snack for you! Delicious chocolate, biscuits an crisps, made of biological and fair trade products. Don’t believe it? Summ gives you the opportunity to discover the whole procedure.

What is it?

Summ is a food product line that consists of a delicious sweet and snacks assortment. The products are 100% biological and they’re made with as much as possible fair trade ingredients, which belong to the FairConnect company. This is a company that consists of 3 groups (producers, workers & consumers) that work together on Summ. The products within the assortment of Summ, contain mainly biscuits, sweets, chocolate products, crisps and drinks.

Why is it cool?

I think Summ is a cool company, because it’s really open about its communication. They inform people about their goals, methods, where they are and how people could contribute. Nowadays, people want to know how products are made and where they come from. Summ uses transparency on a whole different level. They’re not only showing where the products come from, but they also introduce the consumers to the farmers of the ingredients. By doing this, the increase the transparency, and that’s what people want these days.

Why does it have future growth potential?

In my opinion, more companies should do the same thing like Summ. People want to know what they eat. By using more fair trade products and telling people where they come from and how they’re made, the position of the company will improve, because customers have more trust in their products. It will promote the company’s profit and customers are buying more fair trade and biological products, which will improve their way of life!

summ 1

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