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Sky high Future

5 May

But, what about houses in the future? The past few years, buildings have become bigger, taller and more modern than ever. In the future, these will become even extraordinary than they already are. But what kind of buildings can we expect?

Mighty tall..

In China, MAD architects came up with a building that, for us, looks pretty futuristic. The tower, which is 800 meters high, is not like other skyscrapers. It declares its significance in the unique way it relates to the city around it.

Everybody knows a skyscraper like a linear, simple and structured building in the center of the city. But, with all the new technologies these days, it’s possible to improve these boring buildings in many different ways. New, original designs can be designed and implemented, the interior can be completely modernized and every single object can be made much easier to use with the help of technology.

buildings 1As such, it becomes increasingly necessary for a building to create and realize a higher level of complexity in its expression of modern city relationships.

Although, this Chinese building is a great example for the upcoming buildings in the future. The two towers are connected with a cable car at the top. This allows people to travel around and through the city, echoing the movement and dynamism of the city.

Another reason why this isn’t just a regular tower, is because of its function. It’s not just an hotel or an office, but the tower attends as a living admixture. Commerce, entertainment and service are raised to the same level as hotel and offices functions, establishing a solid city that makes this huge tower, and also the people who use it, part of the metropolitan life.

The Mobility of people will be improved by the cable car that’s on top of the building, because it’s a smart way to displace yourself with thinking about the Material Wellbeing like transport on the road as well.

.. Housing smart..

Not only the business buildings or huge hotels within the cities are getting enhanced. Also peoples living spaces are getting improved. A project designed by Giacomo Pala combines elaborately formal and incoherent shape and program:

  • The expansion of the city of tomorrow
  • The issues of globalization
  • Real specific housing problemsThe project is divided in two parts: a housing block and a public space.  Your Social Wellbeing will be effected with this project, because of the public space, you have Interpersonal Relationships with other people from the inside, and out of the building. You could make new Friends and your Social Life will get a boost!

buildings 2This concept is a sustainable, smart resolution for the above mentioned 3 “problems”. With smart thinking you could solve many problems with one new project as you can see, so you’re really thinking about housing for the city of tomorrow.

The second one is the lower part, where you could find the public spaces. Sport clubs, gyms or swimming pools occupy 3 floors within the building. The second part isn’t directly connected to the first part, to uphold the diversity of the public, semipublic and private spaces.

The housing block is the upper part of the building which separates 4 different living areas. In every area there are apartments, but all of them for a different type of persons. The 1st apartments are intended for singles or couples. The 2nd apartments are for families that consist of 4 people, the 3rd for three people and the 4th are double height apartments for also four people. The layout of the building is 1. 60%, 2. 17%, 3. 17% and 4. 6%. The building has room for 650 people altogether. That’s just the housing part of the project.

The second one is the lower part, where you could find the public spaces. Sport clubs, gyms or swimming pools occupy 3 floors within the building. The second part isn’t directly connected to the first part, to uphold the diversity of the public, semipublic and private spaces.

This concept is a sustainable, smart resolution for the above mentioned 3 “problems”. With smart thinking you could solve many problems with one new project as you can see, so you’re really thinking about housing for the city of tomorrow.

Your Social Wellbeing will be effected with this project, because of the public space, you have Interpersonal Relationships with other people from the inside, and out of the building. You could make new Friends and your Social Life will get a boost!

.. but green for sure

buildings 3Now you might think that these gigantic buildings use lots and lots of energy, but the MAD architects also think about the environment. This green project in Beijing is a contemporary interpretation of China’s natural philosophy in the modern city. The building was centered around the Chaoyang Park and, even though it raises high above the park, the designers aimed to merge the landscape with the building to make it become the natural extension of the city.

The architectural complex could be compared to a landscape:

  • The top building could be the peaks of the mountains
  • The office buildings could be the hills
  • The smaller office buildings the slope
  • The high-end offices as the ridge
  • And the residential buildings as mountain ranges and other landscape elements like lakes, springs, streams, valleys, rocks, springs and peaks

However, the architects created this concept with the idea that the natural beauty of the park was translated into the architectural creation. The result is an organic, naturally grown and not built assemblage, that successfully merges with its surrounding environment. This Green concept is a good idea to expand the Neighborhood, because it provides a green environment. This will also get a Positive Effect on peoples Emotional Wellbeing, because it furnishes less pressure on the environment and on the people who live in it.


Old Fashion, New Technology

5 May

Like the modernized streetlights above, there are lots of old fashion devices which can use a little modern touch. With all the new technology the past few years, it wouldn’t be that difficult to modernize simple things like a billboard, a bin, a mirror or a candle for example.

Drinkable Billboard
old 1Even though Lima has a humidity of 98%, Peru’s capital city has to deal with an intense lack of precipitations. That’s why the University of Engineering & Technology and a marketing agency called Mayo DraftFCB designed a billboard together. It’s not just an billboard, but a billboard that’s able to capture air moisture to turn it into purified potable water!

The water can be used by civilians by turning on a faucet. The water is held in a 96 liter storage tank and wasn’t only designed for holding water for the people of the city, but also to recruit new students for the university with this cool and sustainable idea.

This concept stimulates your Physical Wellbeing, as well your Development and Activities. It improves your Health and you can recruit new students, which progresses your Education.

Smart bins
To improve the simple life and to offer London’s residents smarter recycling bins, the city installed old 2‘Renew Bins’. All 25 installed bins have two digital screens on their sides and each one costs £30.000.

The screens on the bins provide general information, like the weather forecast, finance-focused news of the city and local events. But that’s nog all! It can also be used to send instant messages or as a Wifi hotspot. You see, the bins aren’t only places where you can recycle your stuff. That’s what make these bins more special than regular bins, just with a little help of technology. These 25 copies are just the beginning, because London wants to install more of these technologic bins.

The Smart bins help the environment, because you recycle. This will expand your Community Involvement and your Emotional Wellbeing, because you’re doing the right thing. This will improve your Quality of life.

SELFIE your mirror
Do you love to take pictures of yourself and post them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? But are you tired of that telltale arm reach in the picture that always show that you took the picture yourself? iStrategyLabs creates the SELFIE mirror to solve this problem. The mirror takes pictures of you while you’re standing in front of it and posts it on Twitter itself. All you need is this mirror and it takes the best pictures of you without an awkward pose or even a phone!

The idea of a SELFIE mirror is for many, especially teenagers, a great invention, because lots of them post SELFIES throughout the day. The mirror wasn’t created to mock or encourage taking SELFIES, but to show what you can create with a great idea and technology. It’s great to take beautiful pictures of yourself when you’re ready to go out, but remember that it also registers your out of bed look when you take a look in the mirror first thing in the morning…

old 4

The SELFIE mirror improves your Quality of Life with especially one part of the Felce & Perry Model: Emotional Wellbeing. It increases your Status and your Self-esteem, by posting your pictures on Twitter. When people like your photo, you get a sort of Satisfaction and Fulfillment which will make you happy.

Reincarnating Candles
You go to the shop. Buy a one-dollar candle. Go home. Light the candle. See how it melts and wait till it burned out. Now you have to buy a new candle! I think you better should have bought the Rekindle. This candle holder doesn’t only give you the candle you pay for, but it’s sustainable as well. When you light the candle, the wax melts down in the holder itself. This means that you have a new candle when the wax gets hard again.

old 3Although the candle renews itself over and over again, it isn’t an infinite one. Chemical reactions make sure that a particular part of the wax is lost when the candle burns. So, even though the candle can be used over and over again, it gets smaller every time it renews itself. In the end, there will be no wax left and you will have to buy a new candle.

In the future, more of these regular stuff will be renewed with technology to improve the quality of the product, to prolong the life of it or to simplify the use of it.

This concept has its focus on the Material Wellbeing of people. The Reincarnating Candle is something you have to buy. But, because it’s reincarnating and you could use it more than once, it effects your Finance. You have to buy one of these to use a very long time, which will save you money.

Recyclable & Sustainable

5 May

Sustainability has been a big part of our society and it’s getting lots of attention from companies, organizations and individuals. But what about the recyclability? More people are getting aware of this trend and are committed to do something about it. And what’s a better place to insert these sustainable initiatives and recyclable projects than on the streets and in cities?


recycle 3To make people aware of recycling, it’s important to communicate in a way everybody understands. After the ‘Recycling Everything’ campaign in New York, the art industry gets involved in these ideas. Pop Art-inspired posters were created and hang around the entire city. Every poster presented a collage representing recyclable items like a can, a clothing piece or a magazine. The American Ad Council and Keep America Beautiful launched a campaign with the same idea, but in another concept. They featured humanized objects expressing their desire to be recycled.

When you communicate, you are effecting your Social Wellbeing, and especially you Community Involvement. It also effects your Emotional Wellbeing, because helping the environment gives you Satisfaction and embraces your Status and your Self-esteem.


You see, when you make people aware of situations that need to be improved in a creative way, you’ll get much more attention. People can get inspiration by others campaigns and spread their opinions, solutions and ideas in their own creative ways.

An example for inspiration is the “Recycled Shadow” designed by Meva architecture collective. They turned newspapers into paper windmills and suspended in a nylon mesh above the street in Madrid so they provided shade to passers-by.

With inspiration it’s approximately the same as with communication. Your Emotional Wellbeing is being approved, because you get a boost when you get inspiration. That embraces your Status and Self-esteem, because you get ideas, whereby you could create something you came up with yourself!

Pay with plastic

recycle 1You don’t have enough money to buy your travel card? Why not pay with bottles! The Chinese recycling company INCOM started in 2012 an experiment to encourage travelers in Beijing to recycle their empty, plastic bottles. In an ‘reversed vending machine’ in several subway stations all over Beijing, they could put their empty bottles in the machine. By doing this, commuters could get some credits on their travel card. Donors receives a few cents for every bottle they recycle. This makes people aware about recyclable and sustainable in a supporting way, which improves the Quality of the environment.

This also effects peoples Physical Wellbeing, because it improves their Health by getting a cleaner environment. It will also give them a cleaner Neighborhood and Control about the world they live in, because they’re the only ones who has an influence on it. As a result, they’ll get healthier and their Productivity will improve.

Recycle your ride

Like lots and lots of products, bicycles can be used again after their life span. You can reuse the whole product at one, like the plastic bottle I’ve told you about before, or you can recycle parts of a product. That’s what two design students in Delft did. Every year, plenty cycles are abandoned from Holland. These students took advantage of the situation and started The Upcycle, a company turning bikes parts into design and fashion objects. They have their own catalogue, which includes items like belts made from tires or bracelets made from bike chain links. In general, secondhand objects are becoming more trendy. They look pretty, but you also show off to the world that you’re helping the environment by recycling stuff.

The whole ‘recycle thing’ progresses your Quality of Life in the same way with every Signal. Particularly, Emotional Wellbeing is being influenced, because you’re helping the environment by recycling stuff. This has a Positive effect on your Emotional Wellbeing, because it makes you feel better.

recycle 2

Brands use trends

Not only street artists and individuals, but also big brands are aware of the trend recycling. They respond to inspiration they get to create their own concepts. That’s exactly what Nike did. Nike released a concept-store in Shanghai exclusively made from recycled trash! A Taiwanese agency used over 50.000 CDs and DVDs, 5000 soda cans and 2000 plastic bottles to create this store.

Another stunt inspired by a big brand: a public art installation represented a giant wave inspired by the Coca-Cola logo in Beijing. The brand went to several universities in China to collect more than 17.000 Coca-Cola bottles! Projects like these are meant to encourage people to recycle their used stuff.

You’re helping the environment and it makes you feel good which will improve your QOL!

Streed food

5 May

People are impressionable, just as our habits. Not only our human activities, but also our eating patterns are effected by the urbanization and the growing mobility of inhabitants. New technologies, the development of new services and new behaviors of people within the cities are connected to their food habits. This doesn’t only effect people in the cities, but people all over the world!

Since the beginning of take-away food in big cities, life has become much more easy for many people. Pizza can be easily delivered and almost every corner has a take-away restaurant. In the Western countries this is a pretty common thing, but even Asian cities are famous for their numerous street food sellers. This is what made the streets more of a destination for people than just a place to walk, bike or drive trough.

A few years ago, Los Angeles presented the first gourmet food truck. The concept was simple: quality food for a reasonable price. This phenomenon has taken over lots of cities, where the deliver- and take-away service becomes more and more mutual. But this concept might had led to a more mobile and demanding citizens.

food 1

The customer on the go

Aside from these take-aways or delivery services, there are more ways for the customers on the road to grab a little snack ones in a while. Vending machines are getting wider and wider, with an even wider range. Eatwave is a machine which provides hot and cold items. The microwave that’s inside of the machine can heat the food in less than one minute, so you won’t have a meal that’s already cooled down before you get it out of the machine!

Certainly, it’s convenient. But even the cyclists are concerned about this mobile trend. Are people become lazy, even when they go out to cycle? A prove here for is the Bicycle drive in café in Zurich. Cyclers don’t even have to get of their bikes anymore to grab something to eat. You can still sit on your bike, while you’re eating lunch at the terrace of the famous Rathaus Café!

This definitely belongs to the Physical and Material Wellbeing of people, under the chapters Mobility and Food/Meals. It makes the consumption of food much more easier by making the delivery mobile, in such a way that peoples Quality of Life improves.

Still mobile, but green

food 2While there are lots of new developments within the food industry, the way of deliver food changes with it. The past years, several green delivery systems have been developed as well, to avoid the use of cars or trucks to deliver food to their customers. In 2011, La Tournée launched a new delivery system, inspired by the Dabbawala system.

Dabbawala’s are people who are part of a delivery system that collects hot food in lunch boxes from the residences of workers in the late morning. The delivers the lunches to the customers work, using various modes of greentransport like bicycles and the rail trains. Then, they return the empty boxes back to the customer’s residence later that afternoon. It’s still a mobile delivery, but in a green way.

For the Dabbawala system it’s exactly the same as ‘The customer on the go’. The Quality of Life of people will improve, because they can sit at home while someone else’s bringing their food. Although it’s the same signal, this one’s better, because they use green Transport instead of cars or something.

Home cooking

food 3After the huge success of the sharing economy marketplaces like Airbnb and Rooming, the food industry came with a similar idea: Cookening. The French website, inspired by the bed-and-breakfast concept, connects amateur cooks and travelers which are willing to host a meal at their home. The website has lots of profiles from every ‘private restaurant’ with their own menu and prices. When you’re travelling to a city, Cookening gives you the opportunity to have a meal with the locals to give you a more authentic experience about the city and the food habits which belong to the inhabitants.

Home cooking effects your Physical, Material, Social as well your Emotional Wellbeing. To get to someone else’s place, you have to displace yourself, so your Mobility improves. You’re going to someone else to eat, so here’s the aspect Food/Meals. It’s also Social, because you eat with other people around the world you don’t know yet, and it effects your Respect and Faith in one other, because you trust the person to take good care of you and you respect that. That’s when you’re Fulfilled and Satisfied, which will give you a Positive Effect and improves your Quality of Life!

In the future, these changes will continue, but on a bigger scale than they do now. Maybe, in a few years, we could transport our food from the restaurant to our home, so it’s even easier than it already is. People are lazy, and by this developments they won’t be more active. So, do these changes really improve our Quality of Life?


Cities of Light

5 May

As long as we know, street lighting has traditionally aimed at protecting foot-travelers from bad encounters or possible obstacles. They’re not only in use for our protection and convenience, but street lights are on its way to become an innovative part of our society. Interesting, new concepts in the area of urban cities contribute to more sustainable and livable cities.

Find your way

licht 1“Light isn’t only for decorative purpose, but also to find our way in the dark.” That’s what the designers of Lunabrite thought. They created an eco-friendly outdoor illumination system, which uses photoluminescent strips. These strips can be places on the ground wherever you want, to accentuate the pathways at night. Now, you can see where you walk without the old fashion streetlights, but in an advanced way. To make this concept more interesting, Starpath came with a sprayable anti-slip coating for bike paths. This spray makes the paths able to absorb and store UV rays during the day. During the night, the bike path radiates the UV so the paths would lighten up. This idea would be used as a replacement for street lighting.

This is positive for your Physical Wellbeing, because it increases your Mobility and your personal Safety.

‘On demand’

licht 1bIn July 2013, Nike launched a campaign to promote a new shoe by using laser technology. With these lasers, they created temporary football fields on any flat surface, which makes it able to play football with your friends in the middle of the night! This fresh, state-of-the-art lighting system can be used overnight as a substitute for physical boundaries to mark out new areas. By creating urban spaces for specific use, light can give us a whole new look on the urban night live.

This effects especially your Social Wellbeing, because of the Interpersonal Relationships with your friends.

Reduce energy consumption

licht 2The emergence of technology makes it possible to increase lots of products and acts within our society, including the street lighting as well. So, they came up with a ‘smart’ street-light system to decrease the energy consumption (and bill!) in cities. One of the first cities who started using this idea is Oslo. Lots and lots of light bulbs were connected with, and installed throughout the city. The sensors, which were equipped on the light bulbs, ensure that technicians can monitor the brightness of the lights, according to road traffic, human presence or weather conditions. This makes sure that the city becomes more sustainable en handles their energy in a warier way.

To reduce energy, your Material Wellbeing from the Felce & Perry Model will be effected. By saving money, your Finance will be better as well as your Mobility.

Creative lighting systems

licht 3When you walk down the streets at night, an unpleasant and creepy feeling could come at you. This insecurity can be associated with the absence of light. To get rid of this feeling and to solve this problem in a creative way, a partnership between London’s Southwark District and Philips Color Kinetics, created a way to make walking in the dark more attractive. They illuminated the Clink Street Bridge Tunnel with LED nodes to make this old Victorian tunnel a more safer path with a modern touch, but without effecting the historical values of the tunnel.

This could be an idea for lots of paths in other cities too, so your Safety and Emotional Wellbeing will be effected. By making paths more attractive, they’ll give you a Positive Effect, which will improve your Quality of Life!




Future us

5 May

How can we look at the world today?

How can we imagine a project for the future in a realistic way?

We know now: Reality is not “Reality”.

Reality is an Incoherent and dense mix of realities. I

t is a swarm which we generically call “reality”.

How can we use it to design?