Cities of Light

5 May

As long as we know, street lighting has traditionally aimed at protecting foot-travelers from bad encounters or possible obstacles. They’re not only in use for our protection and convenience, but street lights are on its way to become an innovative part of our society. Interesting, new concepts in the area of urban cities contribute to more sustainable and livable cities.

Find your way

licht 1“Light isn’t only for decorative purpose, but also to find our way in the dark.” That’s what the designers of Lunabrite thought. They created an eco-friendly outdoor illumination system, which uses photoluminescent strips. These strips can be places on the ground wherever you want, to accentuate the pathways at night. Now, you can see where you walk without the old fashion streetlights, but in an advanced way. To make this concept more interesting, Starpath came with a sprayable anti-slip coating for bike paths. This spray makes the paths able to absorb and store UV rays during the day. During the night, the bike path radiates the UV so the paths would lighten up. This idea would be used as a replacement for street lighting.

This is positive for your Physical Wellbeing, because it increases your Mobility and your personal Safety.

‘On demand’

licht 1bIn July 2013, Nike launched a campaign to promote a new shoe by using laser technology. With these lasers, they created temporary football fields on any flat surface, which makes it able to play football with your friends in the middle of the night! This fresh, state-of-the-art lighting system can be used overnight as a substitute for physical boundaries to mark out new areas. By creating urban spaces for specific use, light can give us a whole new look on the urban night live.

This effects especially your Social Wellbeing, because of the Interpersonal Relationships with your friends.

Reduce energy consumption

licht 2The emergence of technology makes it possible to increase lots of products and acts within our society, including the street lighting as well. So, they came up with a ‘smart’ street-light system to decrease the energy consumption (and bill!) in cities. One of the first cities who started using this idea is Oslo. Lots and lots of light bulbs were connected with, and installed throughout the city. The sensors, which were equipped on the light bulbs, ensure that technicians can monitor the brightness of the lights, according to road traffic, human presence or weather conditions. This makes sure that the city becomes more sustainable en handles their energy in a warier way.

To reduce energy, your Material Wellbeing from the Felce & Perry Model will be effected. By saving money, your Finance will be better as well as your Mobility.

Creative lighting systems

licht 3When you walk down the streets at night, an unpleasant and creepy feeling could come at you. This insecurity can be associated with the absence of light. To get rid of this feeling and to solve this problem in a creative way, a partnership between London’s Southwark District and Philips Color Kinetics, created a way to make walking in the dark more attractive. They illuminated the Clink Street Bridge Tunnel with LED nodes to make this old Victorian tunnel a more safer path with a modern touch, but without effecting the historical values of the tunnel.

This could be an idea for lots of paths in other cities too, so your Safety and Emotional Wellbeing will be effected. By making paths more attractive, they’ll give you a Positive Effect, which will improve your Quality of Life!




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