Old Fashion, New Technology

5 May

Like the modernized streetlights above, there are lots of old fashion devices which can use a little modern touch. With all the new technology the past few years, it wouldn’t be that difficult to modernize simple things like a billboard, a bin, a mirror or a candle for example.

Drinkable Billboard
old 1Even though Lima has a humidity of 98%, Peru’s capital city has to deal with an intense lack of precipitations. That’s why the University of Engineering & Technology and a marketing agency called Mayo DraftFCB designed a billboard together. It’s not just an billboard, but a billboard that’s able to capture air moisture to turn it into purified potable water!

The water can be used by civilians by turning on a faucet. The water is held in a 96 liter storage tank and wasn’t only designed for holding water for the people of the city, but also to recruit new students for the university with this cool and sustainable idea.

This concept stimulates your Physical Wellbeing, as well your Development and Activities. It improves your Health and you can recruit new students, which progresses your Education.

Smart bins
To improve the simple life and to offer London’s residents smarter recycling bins, the city installed old 2‘Renew Bins’. All 25 installed bins have two digital screens on their sides and each one costs £30.000.

The screens on the bins provide general information, like the weather forecast, finance-focused news of the city and local events. But that’s nog all! It can also be used to send instant messages or as a Wifi hotspot. You see, the bins aren’t only places where you can recycle your stuff. That’s what make these bins more special than regular bins, just with a little help of technology. These 25 copies are just the beginning, because London wants to install more of these technologic bins.

The Smart bins help the environment, because you recycle. This will expand your Community Involvement and your Emotional Wellbeing, because you’re doing the right thing. This will improve your Quality of life.

SELFIE your mirror
Do you love to take pictures of yourself and post them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? But are you tired of that telltale arm reach in the picture that always show that you took the picture yourself? iStrategyLabs creates the SELFIE mirror to solve this problem. The mirror takes pictures of you while you’re standing in front of it and posts it on Twitter itself. All you need is this mirror and it takes the best pictures of you without an awkward pose or even a phone!

The idea of a SELFIE mirror is for many, especially teenagers, a great invention, because lots of them post SELFIES throughout the day. The mirror wasn’t created to mock or encourage taking SELFIES, but to show what you can create with a great idea and technology. It’s great to take beautiful pictures of yourself when you’re ready to go out, but remember that it also registers your out of bed look when you take a look in the mirror first thing in the morning…

old 4

The SELFIE mirror improves your Quality of Life with especially one part of the Felce & Perry Model: Emotional Wellbeing. It increases your Status and your Self-esteem, by posting your pictures on Twitter. When people like your photo, you get a sort of Satisfaction and Fulfillment which will make you happy.

Reincarnating Candles
You go to the shop. Buy a one-dollar candle. Go home. Light the candle. See how it melts and wait till it burned out. Now you have to buy a new candle! I think you better should have bought the Rekindle. This candle holder doesn’t only give you the candle you pay for, but it’s sustainable as well. When you light the candle, the wax melts down in the holder itself. This means that you have a new candle when the wax gets hard again.

old 3Although the candle renews itself over and over again, it isn’t an infinite one. Chemical reactions make sure that a particular part of the wax is lost when the candle burns. So, even though the candle can be used over and over again, it gets smaller every time it renews itself. In the end, there will be no wax left and you will have to buy a new candle.

In the future, more of these regular stuff will be renewed with technology to improve the quality of the product, to prolong the life of it or to simplify the use of it.

This concept has its focus on the Material Wellbeing of people. The Reincarnating Candle is something you have to buy. But, because it’s reincarnating and you could use it more than once, it effects your Finance. You have to buy one of these to use a very long time, which will save you money.


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