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5 May

People are impressionable, just as our habits. Not only our human activities, but also our eating patterns are effected by the urbanization and the growing mobility of inhabitants. New technologies, the development of new services and new behaviors of people within the cities are connected to their food habits. This doesn’t only effect people in the cities, but people all over the world!

Since the beginning of take-away food in big cities, life has become much more easy for many people. Pizza can be easily delivered and almost every corner has a take-away restaurant. In the Western countries this is a pretty common thing, but even Asian cities are famous for their numerous street food sellers. This is what made the streets more of a destination for people than just a place to walk, bike or drive trough.

A few years ago, Los Angeles presented the first gourmet food truck. The concept was simple: quality food for a reasonable price. This phenomenon has taken over lots of cities, where the deliver- and take-away service becomes more and more mutual. But this concept might had led to a more mobile and demanding citizens.

food 1

The customer on the go

Aside from these take-aways or delivery services, there are more ways for the customers on the road to grab a little snack ones in a while. Vending machines are getting wider and wider, with an even wider range. Eatwave is a machine which provides hot and cold items. The microwave that’s inside of the machine can heat the food in less than one minute, so you won’t have a meal that’s already cooled down before you get it out of the machine!

Certainly, it’s convenient. But even the cyclists are concerned about this mobile trend. Are people become lazy, even when they go out to cycle? A prove here for is the Bicycle drive in café in Zurich. Cyclers don’t even have to get of their bikes anymore to grab something to eat. You can still sit on your bike, while you’re eating lunch at the terrace of the famous Rathaus Café!

This definitely belongs to the Physical and Material Wellbeing of people, under the chapters Mobility and Food/Meals. It makes the consumption of food much more easier by making the delivery mobile, in such a way that peoples Quality of Life improves.

Still mobile, but green

food 2While there are lots of new developments within the food industry, the way of deliver food changes with it. The past years, several green delivery systems have been developed as well, to avoid the use of cars or trucks to deliver food to their customers. In 2011, La Tournée launched a new delivery system, inspired by the Dabbawala system.

Dabbawala’s are people who are part of a delivery system that collects hot food in lunch boxes from the residences of workers in the late morning. The delivers the lunches to the customers work, using various modes of greentransport like bicycles and the rail trains. Then, they return the empty boxes back to the customer’s residence later that afternoon. It’s still a mobile delivery, but in a green way.

For the Dabbawala system it’s exactly the same as ‘The customer on the go’. The Quality of Life of people will improve, because they can sit at home while someone else’s bringing their food. Although it’s the same signal, this one’s better, because they use green Transport instead of cars or something.

Home cooking

food 3After the huge success of the sharing economy marketplaces like Airbnb and Rooming, the food industry came with a similar idea: Cookening. The French website, inspired by the bed-and-breakfast concept, connects amateur cooks and travelers which are willing to host a meal at their home. The website has lots of profiles from every ‘private restaurant’ with their own menu and prices. When you’re travelling to a city, Cookening gives you the opportunity to have a meal with the locals to give you a more authentic experience about the city and the food habits which belong to the inhabitants.

Home cooking effects your Physical, Material, Social as well your Emotional Wellbeing. To get to someone else’s place, you have to displace yourself, so your Mobility improves. You’re going to someone else to eat, so here’s the aspect Food/Meals. It’s also Social, because you eat with other people around the world you don’t know yet, and it effects your Respect and Faith in one other, because you trust the person to take good care of you and you respect that. That’s when you’re Fulfilled and Satisfied, which will give you a Positive Effect and improves your Quality of Life!

In the future, these changes will continue, but on a bigger scale than they do now. Maybe, in a few years, we could transport our food from the restaurant to our home, so it’s even easier than it already is. People are lazy, and by this developments they won’t be more active. So, do these changes really improve our Quality of Life?


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