Sportswear designs

1 Oct

sportswear 3Formerly, people wore sportswear purely for the practice of sport. It didn’t have to be beautiful, as long as it was functional. The blurring between fashion and sportswear began in the 1980s. One went to the gym more often. They wanted to move to the next point on their to do list, without having to change after going to the gym. More and more people went for comfort, but it still had to look good. Lifestyle choices and an increasing level of informality in society had their repercussions in fashion. Sportswear and fashion were more similar to each other.

When sports became a lifestyle choice, sportswear got a new meaning. We saw that women went to the gym or the yoga studio more and moresportswear 2 often in the 1980s, but they didn’t want to sacrifice their sense of style do to this. Top model Christy Turlington launched the new yoga line Nuala for Puma in 2000. The line was intended for women with a busy life, who didn’t had time to dress up over and over again. The comfortable garments by Nuala could be combined to be worn to yoga class likewise to lunch.

Collaborations between big fashion and sports brands is a combination that’s seen a lot nowadays. Co-branding is a fashion phenomenon, but also a useful marketing tool. Think of Puma and Alexander McQueen, Adidas and Stella McCartney, Commes des Garcons en Speedo or Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas. Connecting these big names with each other, creates a cross-pollination, where both can get their benefit from. The brand awareness of the sports company as well the designer get a new impulse within a new target group.

A less sportswear 7formal lifestyle has also played a large role in the way we look at sportswear. The journalist Oliver Hornton called it the ‘ democratization of fashion ‘. One is more relaxed about fashion and wearing couture from head to toe is a thing of the past. Nowadays, people are free in making their own fashion choices. Successfully combining different styles is precisely what they aspire to. Now, it’s really modern when someone wears sporty shoes with a nice suit, without appearing as if he put much thought in it.

It started with the Internet boom in Silicon Valley. Employees of Internet start-ups started to dressed less formal. With the success of these companies, our society became aware of this phenomenon. Between 1992 and 1999, more and more companies entered the casual Friday. Meanwhile, the need for a certain formality in offices is coming back a little. But, this doesn’t mean that the rules are again as they used to. With the casual Friday, a certain freedom has won.

Not all fashion designers who are willing to develop in the fashion of sports are asking a sports giant for help. When luxury brand Prada wanted to broach a new target group, it launched Prada Sport in 1997. The brand created a whole new kind of fashion with technically advanced fabrics and easy fits. Fashion houses recognized that the development of a sporty line would attract more customers. Designer clothes has, partly due to the influence of hip hop, become wildly popular, and sportswear hadn’t lost its popularity yet. By combining designer clothes and sportswear, the positive effect wasn’t only for the fashion designers, but also for the customers as well. More affordable clothing that was comfortable and yet luxurious; a classic win-win situation.

One thing is for sure; the need for designer clothes in the sporting goods sector seems to persist. As long as fashion is fashionable, sports remain popular, and comfort and status are important to consumers, fashion designers and sports giants will collaborate just fine.

sportswear 6

This modification in the fashion of sportswear shows that people have the ability to improve clothes. We’re not only making them prettier, but we also make them better. With technology we can create certain kinds of fabrics, which can improves our sports accomplishments. But also, fashion brands have the chance to work with new kinds of fabric. This idea of improvement will fit the trends Technology and Individualization. Technology to improve the clothes, and Individualization, because people want to express their own styles in wearing the clothes they like. Therefore, all kinds of clothing has to be designed. By adding technology to the designs, the collaboration of fashion brands and sports brands are more useful than ever.



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