15 Oct

Nothing feels as good as a nice, fresh taken shower. All of your make-up removed, your hair freshly washed and the lovely smell of shampoo. For lots of people, one of the best parts of a beauty routine. Or.. maybe not.  I’ve read that more and more women hadn’t washed their hair with shampoo for a few months, or even a few years. I was shocked. How do they clean their hair? This phenomenon is called No-Poo. I’m going to explain to you in this post what it exactly means and why it’s so popular.

no-poo 4
The big question, of course, is why? We have been looking for that one shampoo which is perfect for our hair and allows us to feel like we belong in a L’Oreal advertising. But maybe, that’s the answer though; we don’t have the hair we want, because shampoos are chock full of sulfates, bleaches and chemicals. Even natural shampoos aren’t as good for our hair as they seem, because our scalp is going to dependent on the product after a while. Thereby, the head no longer cleans itself. This does make sense actually, because the more often we wash our hair, the more often we must wash it. Women who don’t wash their hair with shampoo anymore, say that their hair is less frizzy and less greasy and that their hair is softer and shinier than before.
If you’re already happy that you survive three days without washing your hair and swear by your dry shampoo, you’d probably ask yourself how it’s even possible not to wash your hair even on day four. And, eventually maybe 4 months without washing your hair!

This is because you need to pass a threshold. Hair that’s washed a lot is often overproducing oils. If you stop washing your hair, the overproducing will also stop and the hair will balance itself again. But, it takes time. If you have thick hair, it doesn’t take so long. Maybe, about two weeks. Thin hair takes a little longer, about four to five weeks. The first thing you can try if you would like to make this transition, is to stretch your hair washing days. For example, start with every four days and then every five days to wash your hair. Reduce it even more after that. But what after that?

no-poo 1

There are a few options for this No-Poo trend. The first one is called “Cold Turkey”.  One option to regard is to use no more products for your hair at all. You can wash your hair every few days with water, without using shampoo or any other hair products. This is an option where you haven’t reached the result in about a weak, but in the end it’s worth it!
The second option is the combination of baking soda and vinegar. This is the option most women choose within their No-Poo lifestyle. They wash their hair with baking soda or apple cider vinegar. Baking powder is a subtle cleanser which removes dead skin cells and impurities without chemical ingredients. Appel cider vinegar cleanses the scalp and softens the hair. Use one tablespoon of the baking soda or vinegar and mix it with one cup op water. You could also use the baking soda on the top of your head and the vinegar at the length. If you want to wash your hair only with water after a while, this intermediate step is the perfect solution.

The last option is to replace your shampoo by a cleansing cream. And no, “cleansing cream” is not just a label which companies stuck on a shampoo bottle to make it sell better. It is a cleansing cream without foam or other shampoo-characterizes. If you use it for the first time, there is a chance you use way too much of it. You need the same amount of cleansing cream like shampoo, sometimes even less. The cleanser cleans the hair in a gently way and is definitely worth a try!

Maybe it sounds a little weird to follow the No-Poo trend, but if it’s working for other women, why wouldn’t it work for you? So, pass the boundary and leave your shampoo aside.

no-poo 3

The No-Poo trend is a small example of the 24/7 economy. Most people don’t want to spend their leisure on external care. They love going to a spa or al wellness center, but don’t have time to put on a skin care mask and a hair mask every night after a long workday, while doing their nails. This lack of time ensures the rise of trends like No-Poo. With a little touch of Feminization and individualization, this trend fits in today’s society.


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