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Moving wash & dry

13 Nov

“Two friends turned their van into a mobile laundromat to wash clothes for the homeless.” It sounds almost too good to be true, but actually, they really did! Homelessness is extremely difficult to deal with. It is the condition and social category of people who lack housing, because they cannot afford, or are otherwise unable to maintain, a regular and safe shelter. Besides having to battle the elements every day and constantly wondering where your next meal will come from, the homeless tend to have a very difficult time maintaining personal hygiene.

orange sky laundry 3

Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi, two 20-year-old boys from Australia, noticed that not enough was being done to help the homeless with their hygiene needs.

They created a very convenient way to help the homeless: they’ve outfitted a van as a mobile laundromat to give the homeless the opportunity to clean their clothes safely and called it the Orange Sky Laundry Project.

Why Orange Sky?

The song, Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch has been a major inspiration behind this project. “In your love, my salvation lies” and “I had a dream I stood beneath an orange sky, with my brother standing by” are lyrics from the song. The entire message of the song is about helping your brothers and sisters. These values are imperative to us and central to our project.

The two inventor of the project started with a generator and an old. They put two washing machines and two driers in the van, which could process 20 kg of laundry an hour! This all was possible by the many donations they got.

orange sky laundry 2

When the boys started with Orange Sky Laundry, they had three goals in mind. The first one was to raise health standards. The second one was to restore respect, and the third one was to reduce stain on resources. They have seven board members working on the project, which all have diverse ranges of skills and life experiences. They all share the same goal: seeing Orange Sky Laundry running the streets of Australia. The project runs on volunteers, and they want to stimulate especially younger people to find simple ways to help people in need.

The project is also partnering with a few charity food vans in Australia. Their corporation makes it possible for the homeless to have a meal while their waiting for their laundry to be done.

At the moment, the Orange Sky Laundry Project is in its early stage, but the two boys and their team have the drive to take it to the next level. Their vision is to provide the laundry services all across Australia by the end of 2015.

This project fits the trends Socialization and Sharing Society. The two guys are helping the ones in need by creating a meeting place for them, while they share their experiences and supplies and help to wash their laundry.

orange sky laundry 1