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Small, but yet big enough

22 Dec

Having a big apartment in the middle of Paris is for most of us priceless. That’s why we can imagine you would be really happy with a small apartment in this wonderful city. But a small apartment doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have all the amenities you need. This apartment shows, that with a small amount of space, you can have everything you need.

This apartment with a living space of only eight square meters is located in a beautiful building in Haussmann’s style. The room was designed by Kitoko Studio. At first, the room contained only a sink. Kitoko added the other basics, like a sleeping area, bathroom with toilet, kitchen, closet space and a dining area, so the apartment would be totally livable.

By a super handy and creative system of wardrobes and collapsible elements, everything fits perfectly in the tiny apartment.

There’s nothing more to say about this awesome place, you should just have a look at its special interior.

Now, if you have a little more space in your home and you’d like to have some furniture in it that doesn’t take too much space, I have some examples for you. This space-saving furniture are a must for every small household. Each piece of furniture contains other furniture as well, which you can unfold if you need them. An exemplification is a table, which also includes 4 chairs. By merging components, space can be saved so your house wouldn’t be that crowded if you don’t have that much space.

furniture 1 furniture 2furniture 3


Housing for the Homeless

18 Dec

It’s not really uncommon to see homeless people living in shipping containers, but that usually happens in pitiful circumstances. Now, a partnership between developer QED Property and the City of Brighton’s Housing Trust has ensured that these containers can be used in a less miserable way.

homeless 2Brighton, a town on the south coast of Great Britain, has a solemn hosing problem, because of the high rent and house prices and the low wages. In similar cities in England, homelessness isn’t a big of a problem as it is in Brighton. This also includes street homeless, who sleep wherever possible without having a permanent home.

QED Property has plans to create a block of 36 apartments, each existing of one single shipping container. The block consists of 6 containers high and six wide. Every container is turned into a flat, which includes a living/sleeping space, a kitchen and a bathroom. The flat is equipped with a bad, cabinets and wardrobe.

A company that is willing to cooperate with QED and the Housing Trust, is retailer Homebase. This furnishings selling shop is frequently started to use shipping containers in their advertising campaigns. They want collaborate to provide a ‘starter package’ for this project with furniture and linens for each flat.

homeless 1The project was originally intended for a project in Amsterdam. Due to  the financial difficulties it was cancelled. Brighton picked the housing project up and completed a block of similar flats at significantly lower prices than planned at the Amsterdam project.

The apartment block was completed past year. A study concluded that 94% of the residents preferred the blocks to comparable housing, which made them a real success. They mentioned the toilet, front door and the kitchen as their favorite aspects.

The apartments isn’t seen as a permanent housing solution for the homeless people who live in it now, but the city authorities are glad to offer a safe, secure living space for the residents, before they could get back into a regular housing situation.


100 years of beauty in 11 pics

16 Dec


The Gibson Girl, with her luxurious, upswept hair was the ideal of this era. While she wouldn’t dream of wearing makeup, a game of lawn tennis—played by her in a middy blouse and grass-skimming skirt—might bring a natural flush to her cheeks.



Short hair defined the Roaring Twenties. Flappers like Clara Bow and Louise Brooks wore their shingled hair with scarlet red lips and heads capped by cloche hats over streamlined tubular silhouettes that ended at the knee.


The garçonne made way for the bias-dress-wearing siren in the thirties. The severity of the bob was softened by waves, and the perfectly lit silver-screen stars, with their perfectly matte complexions provided inspiration to women everywhere.


Lauren Bacall’s face-framing waves represented one variation of the era’s beauty ideal, while the look proved positively dangerous for Rosie the Riveter types who pulled their hair away from their face to work in factories during wartime. Woman worn tailored suits or feminine party frocks, to communicate strength and purpose.


The fifties ushered in more than a sinuous sweater line and the reign of the fit-and-flare silhouette (first introduced by Christian Dior’s New Look in 1947). It also established an idealized, formal ideal of womanhood that demanded arched-brow perfection and a perfectly drawn lip.


Youthquake divided the decade, which progressed from helmet-like bouffants to hippie hair. As the decade wore on, makeup became a means of artistic expression. Pale lips contrasted with a dramatic eye and eyelashes reached unparalleled lengths.


Ushering in a more expansive definition of beauty, American model Beverly Johnson became the magazine’s first black cover star in 1974. When it came to hair and makeup, the decade’s most famous faces preferred artfully sculpted cheeks and frosted eye shadow.


The eighties just screamed “more, more, more.” Big hair and shoulders formed the top of an inverted triangle silhouette that exposed perfectly trained legs. Trained  bodies and healthy complexions came in shades of terracotta, as embodied by supermodel Cindy Crawford, whose full brows and trademark mole would become her signature.


Grunge defined the nineties, the era in which supermodels ceded ground to Kate Moss.. A natural documentary-style unpolished beauty was beauty’s idea of nirvana.


The best way to play up a perfectly sculpted body? With subtle, perfectionist beauty touches. Flat-ironed hair, fresh skin, and a new kind of clipped down ease ruled with celebrities and models like Liya Kebede.


In a world when everything and anything is directly available on Instagram, the faces that stand out are those with distinction, like Joan Small’s chiseled cheekbones, Cara Delevingne’s solid brows, and the symmetry of Kendall Jenner’s dark, harmonious, “Goya”-like good looks.

I think this insight in the history of beauty over the years, will show how beauty has changed. Every decade has its own characteristics and its own personality. But does that mean that, for instance, the look of the twenties is out of sight? Of course not. Small parts of these looks our mothers and grandmothers used to wear, will make its return in the fashion industry. So, we could talk about the history of fashion, but it also might be the future of fashion back again.


The Ugly side of Beauty

16 Dec

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? From Snow White’s mirror to the very first Selfie, people have been trying to objectify beauty. And now, a 1,000,000 ‘ like ‘ years later, we still stare breathlessly to our own reflection, while we are pondering over the larger mysteries of true beauty. Model and photographer Coco Young challenges the traditional ideas and appointments. She uses her past as a model to the underlying being obsessed with himself to expose this generation.

ugly beauty 2

What interests you most about the myths of beauty and the self-obsession of a generation?
The beauty ideals are -of course- skewed, but what interests me, is the structure of these standards and how the crowd reacts to them. This isn’t necessarily about people, but also about products and about the world itself. Why does everyone want the iPhone 6 so bad? Why do we think sunsets are so pretty? And why does J.M.W Turner paint the sea time after time?
Vanity is a human trait, but our generation has the technological tools to make vanity public, with which it has become socially acceptable.

Vanity dates back to ancient times, like the search for ideal beauty. Are things changed over the years, do you think?
As we all know, the ideals changed and they also seem to differ per culture. I question the idea of beauty and why we continue to stick to this arbitrary standards. The scale of the “catwalk model” for example is the new golden ratio of beauty. These images are created to be posted as small ‘thumbnails’ that are only intended for the internet. I wanted them to get rid of their original function and blow them up as a life size format. It’s weird, because the original purpose of these images does not work on this new scale. This idea of “perfection” that is prescribed, will not translate to beyond the digital world …

ugly beauty 3Do you think that vanity is something typically feminine?
I think vanity is unisex, since it is part of the human being. Yet this question interesting indeed, because we are seeing more women who are curating their identity on social media with revealing selfies and such. I do not really know what to think… On the one hand, a woman can feel more powerful by that, but it can also be seen as humiliating.

How has social media affected our ideas of beauty?
Social media has made beauty irrelevant. The illusion of beauty is a collective secret: we all know that it’s a lie, but we all play the game all along.

Does social media show better versions of ourselves?
I don’t think so. I see social media as a perfect tranquilizer for the fear we all have for death. By posting a picture, we let publicly know that we live. The image provides the illusion of immortality.

I think Coco has a really realistic view on beauty. Because she’s a photographer, she has more than one perspectives on beauty, which she can spread to the world. This short interview with her, fits perfectly in the sector Appearance. At first you’d think Appearance is all about make-up, beauty and pretty people and products. By posting a blog about the ugly side of beauty, and how it’s find its way to society, others would also get a realistic view about appearance over all.

ugly beauty 1