Housing for the Homeless

18 Dec

It’s not really uncommon to see homeless people living in shipping containers, but that usually happens in pitiful circumstances. Now, a partnership between developer QED Property and the City of Brighton’s Housing Trust has ensured that these containers can be used in a less miserable way.

homeless 2Brighton, a town on the south coast of Great Britain, has a solemn hosing problem, because of the high rent and house prices and the low wages. In similar cities in England, homelessness isn’t a big of a problem as it is in Brighton. This also includes street homeless, who sleep wherever possible without having a permanent home.

QED Property has plans to create a block of 36 apartments, each existing of one single shipping container. The block consists of 6 containers high and six wide. Every container is turned into a flat, which includes a living/sleeping space, a kitchen and a bathroom. The flat is equipped with a bad, cabinets and wardrobe.

A company that is willing to cooperate with QED and the Housing Trust, is retailer Homebase. This furnishings selling shop is frequently started to use shipping containers in their advertising campaigns. They want collaborate to provide a ‘starter package’ for this project with furniture and linens for each flat.

homeless 1The project was originally intended for a project in Amsterdam. Due to  the financial difficulties it was cancelled. Brighton picked the housing project up and completed a block of similar flats at significantly lower prices than planned at the Amsterdam project.

The apartment block was completed past year. A study concluded that 94% of the residents preferred the blocks to comparable housing, which made them a real success. They mentioned the toilet, front door and the kitchen as their favorite aspects.

The apartments isn’t seen as a permanent housing solution for the homeless people who live in it now, but the city authorities are glad to offer a safe, secure living space for the residents, before they could get back into a regular housing situation.



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