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Smart couture: the Spider Dress 2.0

20 Jan

Is it a spider? Is it a robot? No, it’s the Spider Dress 2.0! We came across this amazing creation via Calling it a dress would almost be disrespectful, but ‘ futuristic, technical masterpiece ‘ sounds too clinical. Let’s keep it on a combination between these two. This is a couture dress that adapts to all kinds of circumstances. One that flirts for you, one that protects you and one that simply makes you beautiful! This miracle is the creation of our own Dutch Anouk Wipprecht.

spider dress 1

Whether you like it or not: fashion doesn’t stand still. All these exciting designs that we’d thought would happen far in the future, seem to slowly but surely take shape. Everything happens way faster than expected, and yesterday’s future becomes todays present. The Futurism as we see it, no longer belongs to the ‘ future ‘; It happens now!

Techniques with 3D printers, shirts that respond to sound; make up something and it already exists. Anouk Wipprecht is both technical engineer and designer. A very interesting combination of course, that will make her designs not only stunningly intelligent, but also absolutely would not look out of place in our wardrobe. OK, those of our great-grandchildren then maybe, because I’m not sure if we’re ready to walk down the streets with interactive clothes yet.

spider dress 2

The Spider Dress 2.0 (Anouk previously made a first version) was created in only five months with the use of a 3D printer. It was revealed on 6 January 2015 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The dress reacts to movement and protects the wearer against ‘threatening social behavior from the outside’. And, it looks quiet elegant too, those ‘spiders’ legs that expand and retreat again.

But now: how does it work? It’s really hard to understand how it works, because it’s quiet complicated. It is something with proximity sensors (up to a distance of seven meters!) and respiratory sensors, that gauge how the wearer feels and responds by bringing the mechanical tentacles in an attack position.spider dress 3

But the spiders dress is not necessarily aggressive. Do you approach the carrier on a more pleasant way, then can the legs can also tempting beckoning signals. In short, the dress knows when you’re stressed, when you’re focused or distracted and he also captures your brain activity at its highest. So, you’re making things clear to the dress, but the dress also makes things clear to you, about you! So, where do YOU end and where does the system begin?