Color your stress away

8 Sep

I don’t know why, but some people seem to be stressed out all the time. I think it is a part of growing up and have an adult job. I mean, I have stress too, but I can let go after a certain time. But, luckily for the stressed out adults, there is a color book to color your stress away! The Creative therapy anti-stress color book is created by Hanna Davies, Jo Taylor and Richard Merritt. The book exists of 61 detailed line drawings in black and white. It are like mathematical patterns or complicated drawings of animals, where, sometimes, a part of the background is already colored. This gives you a visual proposal for a color combination, which is a tactic to stimulate the brain.

150803-kleurboek 1

The book also has room to doodle. These simple illustrations are an inspiration for people to start to draw free drawings. The creators assure you it is a great way to relax.

It is a little similar to the color book your parents gave you when you were young, when you went on a holiday. This book for adults is for sale for 15 dollar. It is a real investment for yourself, your partner or neighbor to be assured of a nice, relaxed, stress-free moment.

I really think this color book for adults improves their quality of life, because, nowadays you see more and more people getting ill on a physical disease like stress or a burnout. To prevent the expanding of stress, a color book like this is a great remedy to go back to your inner child and to let go of your stress. You don’t have to think about work and you can just focus on the drawings. Just color the stress away!



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