Your midnight Companion

24 Sep

Imagine, you went to a great party on a Saturday night, but it is already 3 am and you have to go to work the next morning. It’s really time to go home, but none of your friends live near you. That means you have to go home all by yourself..

Usually when you split up with your friends after a night out, you make sure everyone sends a message to the rest of the group when they got home safely. But, when you don’t get a message from one of your friends, you might worry a bit, even though you know she might just fell right asleep.

Now, five students of the University of Michigan noticed that their fellow students didn’t like to go home by themselves in the middle of the night. That’s why they created the Companion app.

How does it work?

You enter your route in the app, but also a few names of your friends who can follow your walk home on their phone. When something weird happens, like, for example, you start running, your friends get a signal and they can ask if you’re ‘OK’. When you don’t send them an answer within 15 seconds, an alarm on your phone goes off to scare any assailants (if there are any). In America you can also call the police with the app, but in The Netherlands it doesn’t work yet.

I think this app improves the Quality of Life, because people will feel much safer knowing there is something/someone who protects them on their way home at night. I think it’s even more the feeling that IF something might happen, they can be sure that someone will know. For myself, I would feel much more reassured knowing at least someone would know where am and waits till I get home safely.


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