Your best Bud-E

8 Oct

Your friends are coming over within an hour to watch the game, so you quickly take a look in the fridge to be sure you still have enough cold beers. Oh no, just 4 beers left. If you’d known this before, you would’ve had enough time to go to the store and to make sure the beers would be cold before your friends come over.

beer 1To prevent this (especially for men) ‘huge’ problem, Bud Light is introducing a connected mini fridge that monitors and displays the number of bottles inside the fridge. This Bud-E Fridge also sends out an alert when low on beer via an accompanying app and even lets you know when the beers inside are the optimal temperature for consuming. How ideal!

But, hold on, that’s not all. The Bud-E Fridge and its accompanying smartphone app, developed together with Bud Light, Linq IQ and Buzz Connect the opportunity for sports fans to program their favorite teams. Now they can be kept up-to-date via the app with upcoming games. Of course you need to have enough beers before the game, so the Bud-E Fridge checks the number of beers. If there aren’t enough inside, Bud Light updates the stock level in real-time. The app is integrated with beer delivery service Saucey, which allows consumers to order Bud Light for home delivery.

When you finally have enough beers in your fridge, a countdown timer will indicate when the beers will reach optimal serving temperature. When they’re cooled down below 32 degrees, they’re good to go!

beer 2This smart fridge shows information from its inside to its consumers via their mobile devices. This kind of technology can be used in the future for more general fridges inside homes, so people will know what kind of products they need to purchase.

The constant quest for innovation will lead to enhanced experiences for the consumer. With the Bud-E Fridge, they’ve created something that shows how we constantly push the boundaries in technology and innovation. Especially for the connected home of the future, but in this case to provide beer drinkers new ways to enjoy Bud Light with their friends.

Obviously, this product will improve people’s quality of life. Especially people who love beer. Of course it’s not a life changing concept, but I’m sure it will prevent a lot of frustration and ensures nights and nights of relaxing, watching games and drinking beer!


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