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Don’t be like Quasimodo

25 Jan

Doctors are worried. More and more young people develop serious back and neck problems, such as a hunchback or hernia, by the frequent use of their smartphone. Especially young people are literally fused with their phone.

Doctors increasingly notice young people with humps and hernias. 40% of young people between 8 and 18 year have complaints to their back or neck, according to the latest research from the Zorgkompas. “A serious development,” says Piet van Loon, orthopedic surgeon. “The back and neck problem starts to become a huge problem in our country. And this is mainly by the increasing misuse of tablets and smartphones. ”

bochel 2

Maurice Blom of the Dutch Chiropractors Association, recognizes the problem: “I see a lot of young people between 12 and 18 years in my practice who suffer from their neck and back by using their smartphone. Eventually there may arise humps”. Research says that smartphone-users look on their phone for an average of 4 hours a day. This means that the cervical vertebrae will be overloaded for 1400 hours a year. In extreme cases this has to be corrected with a surgery.

How does such a bulging arise in the back? According to Blom, it begins with a strenuous muscle-and joint pains. “It sounds quite logical when you consider that our head weighs about five kilos and rests on only a few vertebrae. If that weight continuous hangs down, a curvature will be created. The muscles at the back become stronger and the muscles on the front are slacking by the many use of smartphones and tablets”.

Prevention is better than cure. But how do you use your smartphone or tablet wisely without getting a chance of a hunchback or other nasty complaints? A few tips:

  • Take an active body posture. How? If you’re standing up, you have to hold your hands with your mobile phones up of your face, so your face is in a straight line to your screen. Let your shoulders hang and do not bend over.
  • A more active body posture while sitting down is more difficult. Because, sitting down in chairs and sofas makes it easier to hang, which gives you a curvy body posture. What do you need to do? Sit on the edge of your chair if you use your smartphone or tablet. Don’t bend over with your head, but bring your smartphone up to your face.
  • Do daily exercise to create a stronger upper back.

bochel 1

After reading and writing this post, I really began to wonder if the use of my smartphone also begin to have effect on my own neck or back. At first I’d never thought of it, because I didn’t have any problems so far. Now I know that around 40% of people of my age suffer with these problems, I do think it’s a pretty important problem. Unfortunately, people who don’t know this, won’t keep these tips in mind while using their phone of tablet. The use of smartphones do have more impact on people’s health than we might think at first, but I think we should be more aware of the problems they can cause, so we can deal with it in a smart way. The one thing I’m really sure about, is that I don’t want my smartphone to have impact om my own health, so I’m definitely going to use these tips to prevent any back or neck complications.




Can you die over a broken heart?

23 Jan

“Old man dies of broken heart

Leslie Warth died on the age of 97 just a few weeks after his great love Marjorie passed away. After 76 years of marriage the couple just couldn’t live without each other.

96-year-old Marjorie died several weeks ago in a retirement home in Suffolk, where the couple used to live. Leslie was very sad after his wife passed away. A few weeks later, the man with the broken heart dies from a stroke at the hospital.

The couple has been together since their teen years and have never been separated. In 1939, just before the outbreak of world war two, they decided to get married. In April, the couple would have celebrated their 77th anniversary. For the family it’s a great comfort that the two lovebirds will be reunited again.”

hart 1.jpg

This article on got me thinking. They describe it like Leslie Warth died on a broken heart, but I don’t think that’s quite possible. So, I went online and searched if someone could really die from a broken heart. It’s an expression people use sometimes to express a dramatic experience, for example when a loved one died or when the love of your live leaves you. But there’s actually a disease called the ‘broken heart syndrome’.

The broken heart syndrome occurs to people with great heartbreak, the loss of a loved one or when they are in shock or anxiety. It can look very similar to a heart attack and is often confused with it, but in case of the broken heart syndrome, the heart will eventually repair itself. The syndrome is partly related with a heartbreak, and it’s a disease of the heart muscle. It’s a pretty rare condition and sometimes it can’t be recognized because it looks so much like a heart attack. About 1% of all the heart attacks are the broken heart syndrome, but in reality, more people do have a broken heart without recognizing it. The difference between a heart attack and the broken heart syndrome is, that the broken heart doesn’t cause lasting damage to the heart. It will repair itself after a few weeks, in contrast to a heart attack.

My conclusion: you can’t actually die of a broken heart. The condition of the broken heart syndrome is pretty rare, but it causes no lasting damage. Maybe I toned the article of Leslie and his wife by writing this post, but I just wanted to clear something up for myself. But, never the less, the assumption of loved ones passing away because of a broken heart does still brings a little tear to my eye..



Next level milkshakes

22 Jan

Milkshakes should be simple things made from ice cream and flavoring elements like chocolate, coffee, caramel or various fruit syrups. Maybe with an additional component, like sprinkles or a dash of bourbon. They are served in big, tall glasses with a thick straw and different types of fruit on top, depending on what flavor you’ve picked for the milkshake itself. That’s a milkshake. But what if there are 10 different things that are all delicious and also happen to look pretty good. Why not just put them all together and create a delicious monster milkshake?

milkshake 2

That there’s a thin line between food and art is something that Black Tap confirms with her over the top, huge, amazing, wonderful milkshake creations. And even though it might only takes 5 zips before you get in a sugar coma, these next level milkshakes are a feast for your mouth, your eyes and your Instagram page as well.

milkshake 4

So, why would these creations improve someone’s Quality of Life? At first, I mean, look at them! I just can’t get how they stay up like that with all those ingredients, but they sure look incredible! I don’t think someone would buy it to actually drink it, but it’s just a nice accessory to show off with on social media, as some already did. Just a thing to enhance your material wellbeing, but also your emotional wellbeing, by getting more and more likes on your pictures. But, let’s be honest, who doesn’t get happy from these delightful treats!

milkshake 1


The Bionic Girl

20 Jan

A 7-year-old that hardly sleeps and eats. It sounds like a nightmare for any parent. However, it seems like the British Olivia Farnsworth doesn’t even feel hunger or pain. Olivia looks like a normal, healthy child, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Olivia suffers from a rare disease. She sleeps only two hours a night and is never tired. She can also go days without eating and feels no pain. Doctors can’t figure out how to heal her disease and call her ‘ the Bionic girl ‘.

bionisch 1

Her mother discovered that there was something wrong when Olivia was only a few months old. After many doctor visits they found out that Olivia has an abnormality in chromosome 6. The condition is so rare that there is no name for it. As far as we know, she is the only person in the world that has all of the three symptoms.

It seems to be the dream of every child that wants to be superhero when they grow up, but Olivia’s mother Niki has her concerns. Because she doesn’t know any pain, she wouldn’t notice if there’s something wrong with her. Once, she fell and ripped a piece of her lip, but she said nothing about it. There was plastic surgery needed to restore it, Niki said. Also, once she war ran over by a car and she was carried away by it for a few meters. Everyone was creaming and in shock, but Olivia just got up and said ‘what happened?’

Some other remarkable things are that the little girl’s hair didn’t grew for the first 4,5 years of her life and nowadays she still has serious anger attacks. She hit me, kicked me, and sometimes she begins to call me names and curse, even when there are other people around, says Niki.

Niki is collecting money for further research to her daughter’s disease, but until now, they haven’t found a medicine yet.

bionisch 2

I can’t really empathize with this girl and I surely can’t imagine how she’d see her own Quality of Life. Because she’s the only person in the world with this strange disease, there isn’t really anyone she could discuss it with. I think this could make her feel lonely, but at the same time I can imagine that she thinks it’s awesome because she’s some kind of superhero. Or maybe she isn’t even aware of it. But what I’m pretty sure of, is that, even though it seems cool for her now, in the future she’ll suffer from it. Maybe it’s breaking her up, or something might happen to her when she doesn’t notice because her danger level is a little higher. I just hope that someday someone will find a cure for her so she can live a normal, safe life.



Smart Dutch patch

15 Jan

A new Dutch invention can save a lot of time and money from 2017 in hospitals. It is a smart patch full of sensors which checks itself how a wound heals. Nursing staff can track the data of the heeling process via an app on their phone or tablet. Bandage has only to be changed when necessary. It sounds pretty convenient, because in this way you don’t have to remove your patch or bandage anymore to check if your wound is healing.


In the DermaTrax-patch are small sensors processed which can measure if there is an infection, what the temperature is inside the wound, how moist is in it and what the height of the PH-value is. All these results are handed over a wireless connection.

pleister 1

Smart minds

Holst Centre/TNO supplied the technology. Together with researchers from the Irish Tyndall National Institute and Fleming Medical developed the Eindhovense research center the patch.

Smart price

DermaTrax is not much more expensive than a regular patch. We have just added a layer to, says Jeroen van den Brand, program manager at HolstCentre/TNO. The aim is that the patch is going to be only €1 more expensive that the a regular one.

pleister 2

Smart light

Want an even more modern patch? No worries, there is a patch in development that speeds up the healing process by using led light. It is only going to take a while before this one reaches the market.

This patch definitely contributes to the Quality of Life, because usually you have to remove the patch or bandage to see of the wound is already healing. Nowadays, with all the improvements of technology, it didn’t take long before they increased simple things as a patch. You can’t really call it a life changing innovation, but it saves some time and money because they don’t have to remove and waste the patches unnecessary to check whether the wound is already healed or not.


Food trends 2016

8 Jan

In 2015 we drank green juices in heaps, we were crazy about raw chocolate and we ate lots of banana pancakes. And don’t forget the oatmeal and coconut oil. They were a must have in every ‘healthy’ kitchen. Even though this probably won’t change in 2016, there are a few trends that can be added to the list.

Local ingredients

trends 1The promise is big: more and more restaurants are growing the vegetables and herbs that you get on your plate all by themselves. On the menu you’ll only find seasonal dishes that come directly from a farmer which are all unsprayed and self-sown. Restaurants in the city trying at all costs to obtain a piece of fertile land somewhere or otherwise they create a roof garden on top of their restaurant.


This year we’re going to see seaweed everywhere. Not only with sushi, but also in your salad and next to your avocado toast. We’re even going to eat seaweed spaghetti, because unlike regular spaghetti, this contains no wheat and almost no carbohydrates, so it is low on calories. In addition, seaweed is a source of iodine, vanadium and lots of other minerals.

Hot hot hot!

We need more spiciness! The ordinary chili sauce doesn’t put us on fire anymore, so we’re going to experiment with lesser-known herbs such as the Indian Ghost pepper or North African harissa.

trends 2

Artful vegetables

Vegetables are going to be eaten more often. Restaurants are getting better in responding to vegetarians and even in steakhouses you can soon order a cauliflower-burger. Vegetarian dishes are becoming more tasteful and more extensive. This year is all about art when it comes to vegetables!

Poke instead of sushi

Say goodbye to sushi, because we would rather eat poke. This is a raw fish salad which you can find on any menu in Los Angeles, but which is originally from Hawaii. Poke is healthy because it is a source of omega 3 by the large amount of fish. In addition, there is often seaweed in the salad, and as we said before: seaweed is basically in everything.

We don’t waste anything anymore

trends 3We know it’s important to be economical with food, but still very much good food is thrown away. Because, well, who is creative in the kitchen with leftovers, roots and steal? In New York they are for sure, because there are several chefs who cook a root-to-stem salad. The ingredients of this salad are mostly broccoli leaves, roots and the core of a cabbage for example. Everything we normally waste, is now on the table!

Even though I don’t like fish, especially raw fish like sushi, I do think these trends will become pretty popular this year. More and more people become aware of the food waste in our society and almost everyone wants to eat healthy (especially at the beginning of the new year). And maybe, even though you’re not aware of these upcoming food trends, unconsciously you get involved with all the new things that improve your Quality of Life one piece at a time. Some want to follow the trends because it gives them a good feeling, others experience them unconsciously but do get the positive vibes from it. And even if you think it’s nothing for you, just should give it a try. Maybe seaweed will become your new favorite food!



The planters of a story *

4 Jan

Since the beginning of September this year, I’ve started my internship at ININTERIEURS. This is a small company which creates interior concepts. The owner is Patricia, an explicit woman who has a passion for interior, design and creating concepts. Because it is my first internship, I didn’t quite know what to expect and how to participate in the company at first. After a while I started to get more comfortable and understanding how I could contribute to the project we were doing. Besides the projects we were working on for clients, Patricia also got an idea of her own she wanted to set up. I was in charge of writing the business plan and the realization of the project, so I followed the entire process from the beginning till now. Because this concept is still in progress and I can’t reveal the idea and its process, I’m posting this blog about something familiar.

mos 1

While I was looking for inspiration for our concept, I found a company called Twig Terrariums. The two girls Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow opened a shop in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn where they sell all types of terrariums, do-it-yourself kits, unique gardening items and funky flora, as well as cool and unique gifts for anyone.

Another project that was also a great inspiration for our concept is Spruitje. The Dutch artist Spruitje a.k.a. Jonael van der Sloot creates small gardens inside a lightbulb. It’s kind of the same idea as Twig Terrariums, but Spruitje’s exceptional part is the light inside the lightbulb that’s still working while the tiny garden is already inside.

mos 2

Mosslove also sells terrariums, but they stand out by adding little figurines to their creations. Some examples of these figures are small, plastic animals or just weird ‘things’ like an alien. They also add unnatural rocks, which gives the terrariums a futuristic look. These are all more surreal creations.

After reading about these three inspirations, I’m pretty sure you already know what kind of creation our concept will be. Exactly, we’re making small gardens inside a closed bottle. Or, in other words: terrariums. But of course we’re not just making terrariums. Those wouldn’t be special enough. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what our special addition will be, but I hope I made you curious enough to take a look at our site when the product is finished (website is coming soon!).

mos 3

It all sounds like just a nice application for your interior, but it actually improves people’s Quality of Life. Before we created some prototypes, I did a lot of research. Therefore I also did some interviews with random people on the streets to gain insight into the needs of the target group. In this way, I found out that people would love to get one of our terrariums inside their house to add some green, usually because they aren’t very good with plants. Others wanted them to give it to a friend or family as a present. In overall, 90% of the people I asked wanted to have one of our creations. They said it’s an easy, fun and actually perfect idea to add some green to an interior in a special way. And by the way, it just puts a smile on your face. Wait and see!


* The title refers to the name to be of our concept, but unfortunately I can’t give it away yet!