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Can you die over a broken heart?

23 Jan

“Old man dies of broken heart

Leslie Warth died on the age of 97 just a few weeks after his great love Marjorie passed away. After 76 years of marriage the couple just couldn’t live without each other.

96-year-old Marjorie died several weeks ago in a retirement home in Suffolk, where the couple used to live. Leslie was very sad after his wife passed away. A few weeks later, the man with the broken heart dies from a stroke at the hospital.

The couple has been together since their teen years and have never been separated. In 1939, just before the outbreak of world war two, they decided to get married. In April, the couple would have celebrated their 77th anniversary. For the family it’s a great comfort that the two lovebirds will be reunited again.”

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This article on metronieuws.nl got me thinking. They describe it like Leslie Warth died on a broken heart, but I don’t think that’s quite possible. So, I went online and searched if someone could really die from a broken heart. It’s an expression people use sometimes to express a dramatic experience, for example when a loved one died or when the love of your live leaves you. But there’s actually a disease called the ‘broken heart syndrome’.

The broken heart syndrome occurs to people with great heartbreak, the loss of a loved one or when they are in shock or anxiety. It can look very similar to a heart attack and is often confused with it, but in case of the broken heart syndrome, the heart will eventually repair itself. The syndrome is partly related with a heartbreak, and it’s a disease of the heart muscle. It’s a pretty rare condition and sometimes it can’t be recognized because it looks so much like a heart attack. About 1% of all the heart attacks are the broken heart syndrome, but in reality, more people do have a broken heart without recognizing it. The difference between a heart attack and the broken heart syndrome is, that the broken heart doesn’t cause lasting damage to the heart. It will repair itself after a few weeks, in contrast to a heart attack.

My conclusion: you can’t actually die of a broken heart. The condition of the broken heart syndrome is pretty rare, but it causes no lasting damage. Maybe I toned the article of Leslie and his wife by writing this post, but I just wanted to clear something up for myself. But, never the less, the assumption of loved ones passing away because of a broken heart does still brings a little tear to my eye..