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Smart Dutch patch

15 Jan

A new Dutch invention can save a lot of time and money from 2017 in hospitals. It is a smart patch full of sensors which checks itself how a wound heals. Nursing staff can track the data of the heeling process via an app on their phone or tablet. Bandage has only to be changed when necessary. It sounds pretty convenient, because in this way you don’t have to remove your patch or bandage anymore to check if your wound is healing.


In the DermaTrax-patch are small sensors processed which can measure if there is an infection, what the temperature is inside the wound, how moist is in it and what the height of the PH-value is. All these results are handed over a wireless connection.

pleister 1

Smart minds

Holst Centre/TNO supplied the technology. Together with researchers from the Irish Tyndall National Institute and Fleming Medical developed the Eindhovense research center the patch.

Smart price

DermaTrax is not much more expensive than a regular patch. We have just added a layer to, says Jeroen van den Brand, program manager at HolstCentre/TNO. The aim is that the patch is going to be only €1 more expensive that the a regular one.

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Smart light

Want an even more modern patch? No worries, there is a patch in development that speeds up the healing process by using led light. It is only going to take a while before this one reaches the market.

This patch definitely contributes to the Quality of Life, because usually you have to remove the patch or bandage to see of the wound is already healing. Nowadays, with all the improvements of technology, it didn’t take long before they increased simple things as a patch. You can’t really call it a life changing innovation, but it saves some time and money because they don’t have to remove and waste the patches unnecessary to check whether the wound is already healed or not.