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The planters of a story *

4 Jan

Since the beginning of September this year, I’ve started my internship at ININTERIEURS. This is a small company which creates interior concepts. The owner is Patricia, an explicit woman who has a passion for interior, design and creating concepts. Because it is my first internship, I didn’t quite know what to expect and how to participate in the company at first. After a while I started to get more comfortable and understanding how I could contribute to the project we were doing. Besides the projects we were working on for clients, Patricia also got an idea of her own she wanted to set up. I was in charge of writing the business plan and the realization of the project, so I followed the entire process from the beginning till now. Because this concept is still in progress and I can’t reveal the idea and its process, I’m posting this blog about something familiar.

mos 1

While I was looking for inspiration for our concept, I found a company called Twig Terrariums. The two girls Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow opened a shop in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn where they sell all types of terrariums, do-it-yourself kits, unique gardening items and funky flora, as well as cool and unique gifts for anyone.

Another project that was also a great inspiration for our concept is Spruitje. The Dutch artist Spruitje a.k.a. Jonael van der Sloot creates small gardens inside a lightbulb. It’s kind of the same idea as Twig Terrariums, but Spruitje’s exceptional part is the light inside the lightbulb that’s still working while the tiny garden is already inside.

mos 2

Mosslove also sells terrariums, but they stand out by adding little figurines to their creations. Some examples of these figures are small, plastic animals or just weird ‘things’ like an alien. They also add unnatural rocks, which gives the terrariums a futuristic look. These are all more surreal creations.

After reading about these three inspirations, I’m pretty sure you already know what kind of creation our concept will be. Exactly, we’re making small gardens inside a closed bottle. Or, in other words: terrariums. But of course we’re not just making terrariums. Those wouldn’t be special enough. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what our special addition will be, but I hope I made you curious enough to take a look at our site when the product is finished (website is coming soon!).

mos 3

It all sounds like just a nice application for your interior, but it actually improves people’s Quality of Life. Before we created some prototypes, I did a lot of research. Therefore I also did some interviews with random people on the streets to gain insight into the needs of the target group. In this way, I found out that people would love to get one of our terrariums inside their house to add some green, usually because they aren’t very good with plants. Others wanted them to give it to a friend or family as a present. In overall, 90% of the people I asked wanted to have one of our creations. They said it’s an easy, fun and actually perfect idea to add some green to an interior in a special way. And by the way, it just puts a smile on your face. Wait and see!


* The title refers to the name to be of our concept, but unfortunately I can’t give it away yet!







Recyclable & Sustainable

5 May

Sustainability has been a big part of our society and it’s getting lots of attention from companies, organizations and individuals. But what about the recyclability? More people are getting aware of this trend and are committed to do something about it. And what’s a better place to insert these sustainable initiatives and recyclable projects than on the streets and in cities?


recycle 3To make people aware of recycling, it’s important to communicate in a way everybody understands. After the ‘Recycling Everything’ campaign in New York, the art industry gets involved in these ideas. Pop Art-inspired posters were created and hang around the entire city. Every poster presented a collage representing recyclable items like a can, a clothing piece or a magazine. The American Ad Council and Keep America Beautiful launched a campaign with the same idea, but in another concept. They featured humanized objects expressing their desire to be recycled.

When you communicate, you are effecting your Social Wellbeing, and especially you Community Involvement. It also effects your Emotional Wellbeing, because helping the environment gives you Satisfaction and embraces your Status and your Self-esteem.


You see, when you make people aware of situations that need to be improved in a creative way, you’ll get much more attention. People can get inspiration by others campaigns and spread their opinions, solutions and ideas in their own creative ways.

An example for inspiration is the “Recycled Shadow” designed by Meva architecture collective. They turned newspapers into paper windmills and suspended in a nylon mesh above the street in Madrid so they provided shade to passers-by.

With inspiration it’s approximately the same as with communication. Your Emotional Wellbeing is being approved, because you get a boost when you get inspiration. That embraces your Status and Self-esteem, because you get ideas, whereby you could create something you came up with yourself!

Pay with plastic

recycle 1You don’t have enough money to buy your travel card? Why not pay with bottles! The Chinese recycling company INCOM started in 2012 an experiment to encourage travelers in Beijing to recycle their empty, plastic bottles. In an ‘reversed vending machine’ in several subway stations all over Beijing, they could put their empty bottles in the machine. By doing this, commuters could get some credits on their travel card. Donors receives a few cents for every bottle they recycle. This makes people aware about recyclable and sustainable in a supporting way, which improves the Quality of the environment.

This also effects peoples Physical Wellbeing, because it improves their Health by getting a cleaner environment. It will also give them a cleaner Neighborhood and Control about the world they live in, because they’re the only ones who has an influence on it. As a result, they’ll get healthier and their Productivity will improve.

Recycle your ride

Like lots and lots of products, bicycles can be used again after their life span. You can reuse the whole product at one, like the plastic bottle I’ve told you about before, or you can recycle parts of a product. That’s what two design students in Delft did. Every year, plenty cycles are abandoned from Holland. These students took advantage of the situation and started The Upcycle, a company turning bikes parts into design and fashion objects. They have their own catalogue, which includes items like belts made from tires or bracelets made from bike chain links. In general, secondhand objects are becoming more trendy. They look pretty, but you also show off to the world that you’re helping the environment by recycling stuff.

The whole ‘recycle thing’ progresses your Quality of Life in the same way with every Signal. Particularly, Emotional Wellbeing is being influenced, because you’re helping the environment by recycling stuff. This has a Positive effect on your Emotional Wellbeing, because it makes you feel better.

recycle 2

Brands use trends

Not only street artists and individuals, but also big brands are aware of the trend recycling. They respond to inspiration they get to create their own concepts. That’s exactly what Nike did. Nike released a concept-store in Shanghai exclusively made from recycled trash! A Taiwanese agency used over 50.000 CDs and DVDs, 5000 soda cans and 2000 plastic bottles to create this store.

Another stunt inspired by a big brand: a public art installation represented a giant wave inspired by the Coca-Cola logo in Beijing. The brand went to several universities in China to collect more than 17.000 Coca-Cola bottles! Projects like these are meant to encourage people to recycle their used stuff.

You’re helping the environment and it makes you feel good which will improve your QOL!