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The planters of a story *

4 Jan

Since the beginning of September this year, I’ve started my internship at ININTERIEURS. This is a small company which creates interior concepts. The owner is Patricia, an explicit woman who has a passion for interior, design and creating concepts. Because it is my first internship, I didn’t quite know what to expect and how to participate in the company at first. After a while I started to get more comfortable and understanding how I could contribute to the project we were doing. Besides the projects we were working on for clients, Patricia also got an idea of her own she wanted to set up. I was in charge of writing the business plan and the realization of the project, so I followed the entire process from the beginning till now. Because this concept is still in progress and I can’t reveal the idea and its process, I’m posting this blog about something familiar.

mos 1

While I was looking for inspiration for our concept, I found a company called Twig Terrariums. The two girls Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow opened a shop in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn where they sell all types of terrariums, do-it-yourself kits, unique gardening items and funky flora, as well as cool and unique gifts for anyone.

Another project that was also a great inspiration for our concept is Spruitje. The Dutch artist Spruitje a.k.a. Jonael van der Sloot creates small gardens inside a lightbulb. It’s kind of the same idea as Twig Terrariums, but Spruitje’s exceptional part is the light inside the lightbulb that’s still working while the tiny garden is already inside.

mos 2

Mosslove also sells terrariums, but they stand out by adding little figurines to their creations. Some examples of these figures are small, plastic animals or just weird ‘things’ like an alien. They also add unnatural rocks, which gives the terrariums a futuristic look. These are all more surreal creations.

After reading about these three inspirations, I’m pretty sure you already know what kind of creation our concept will be. Exactly, we’re making small gardens inside a closed bottle. Or, in other words: terrariums. But of course we’re not just making terrariums. Those wouldn’t be special enough. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what our special addition will be, but I hope I made you curious enough to take a look at our site when the product is finished (website is coming soon!).

mos 3

It all sounds like just a nice application for your interior, but it actually improves people’s Quality of Life. Before we created some prototypes, I did a lot of research. Therefore I also did some interviews with random people on the streets to gain insight into the needs of the target group. In this way, I found out that people would love to get one of our terrariums inside their house to add some green, usually because they aren’t very good with plants. Others wanted them to give it to a friend or family as a present. In overall, 90% of the people I asked wanted to have one of our creations. They said it’s an easy, fun and actually perfect idea to add some green to an interior in a special way. And by the way, it just puts a smile on your face. Wait and see!


* The title refers to the name to be of our concept, but unfortunately I can’t give it away yet!