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Lares ice cream shop

22 Nov

It’s a nice, hot day in the middle of the summer and you want some ice cream. You go to the ice cream shop around the corner and you stare at the different sorts of ice cream. Hmm again chocolate and banana? It’s always the same. Why don’t they have something else? Maybe you should try the ice cream shop in Lares. They have many many many many more flavors!


The ice cream shop Lares is just another ice cream shop in Puerto Rico. They make flavors which are known by everyone, like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. But, the special thing about this shop, is that they also sell flavors that nobody could ever imagine. From rice to garlic, from potatoes to pumpkin. Does it taste good? Usually not. But the advantage is, that you can try two different sorts of ice cream before, and then pick the ones you like!

There are 500 recipes for all different flavors, but in the shop you could usually choose between 40 or 50 homemade flavors!

The store itself has a socially engaged atmosphere. On the walls, there are pictures and articles about Puerto Rico itself, which gives the store a really local conviviality.

You can eat your ice cream inside the store, or take it with you and eat it while you’re walking around down town.

 Why is it cool?

This is a cool idea, because I think that when people have the opportunity to taste such weird flavors of ice cream, they are willing to try it. If you’ve never had it before, the flavors will definitely surprise you!

You can chose a whole meal if you want to, with potatoes, carrots and chicken. But, if you don’t like the exotic flavors, you could just pick an original flavor which you’ll know you like. It’s all up to you!

 Why does it have future growth potential?

In my opinion, the shop has future growth potential. I think that more shops will cope this concept, because if people in other city’s know about this shop, they want a shop like this in their neighborhood too. There will be more shops who’d open an ice cream shop like this, so you could try the weird, original, different flavors in more places around the world!