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The Bionic Girl

20 Jan

A 7-year-old that hardly sleeps and eats. It sounds like a nightmare for any parent. However, it seems like the British Olivia Farnsworth doesn’t even feel hunger or pain. Olivia looks like a normal, healthy child, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Olivia suffers from a rare disease. She sleeps only two hours a night and is never tired. She can also go days without eating and feels no pain. Doctors can’t figure out how to heal her disease and call her ‘ the Bionic girl ‘.

bionisch 1

Her mother discovered that there was something wrong when Olivia was only a few months old. After many doctor visits they found out that Olivia has an abnormality in chromosome 6. The condition is so rare that there is no name for it. As far as we know, she is the only person in the world that has all of the three symptoms.

It seems to be the dream of every child that wants to be superhero when they grow up, but Olivia’s mother Niki has her concerns. Because she doesn’t know any pain, she wouldn’t notice if there’s something wrong with her. Once, she fell and ripped a piece of her lip, but she said nothing about it. There was plastic surgery needed to restore it, Niki said. Also, once she war ran over by a car and she was carried away by it for a few meters. Everyone was creaming and in shock, but Olivia just got up and said ‘what happened?’

Some other remarkable things are that the little girl’s hair didn’t grew for the first 4,5 years of her life and nowadays she still has serious anger attacks. She hit me, kicked me, and sometimes she begins to call me names and curse, even when there are other people around, says Niki.

Niki is collecting money for further research to her daughter’s disease, but until now, they haven’t found a medicine yet.

bionisch 2

I can’t really empathize with this girl and I surely can’t imagine how she’d see her own Quality of Life. Because she’s the only person in the world with this strange disease, there isn’t really anyone she could discuss it with. I think this could make her feel lonely, but at the same time I can imagine that she thinks it’s awesome because she’s some kind of superhero. Or maybe she isn’t even aware of it. But what I’m pretty sure of, is that, even though it seems cool for her now, in the future she’ll suffer from it. Maybe it’s breaking her up, or something might happen to her when she doesn’t notice because her danger level is a little higher. I just hope that someday someone will find a cure for her so she can live a normal, safe life.