Small, but yet big enough

22 Dec

Having a big apartment in the middle of Paris is for most of us priceless. That’s why we can imagine you would be really happy with a small apartment in this wonderful city. But a small apartment doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have all the amenities you need. This apartment shows, that with a small amount of space, you can have everything you need.

This apartment with a living space of only eight square meters is located in a beautiful building in Haussmann’s style. The room was designed by Kitoko Studio. At first, the room contained only a sink. Kitoko added the other basics, like a sleeping area, bathroom with toilet, kitchen, closet space and a dining area, so the apartment would be totally livable.

By a super handy and creative system of wardrobes and collapsible elements, everything fits perfectly in the tiny apartment.

There’s nothing more to say about this awesome place, you should just have a look at its special interior.

Now, if you have a little more space in your home and you’d like to have some furniture in it that doesn’t take too much space, I have some examples for you. This space-saving furniture are a must for every small household. Each piece of furniture contains other furniture as well, which you can unfold if you need them. An exemplification is a table, which also includes 4 chairs. By merging components, space can be saved so your house wouldn’t be that crowded if you don’t have that much space.

furniture 1 furniture 2furniture 3


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  1. bali furniture December 23, 2014 at 9:07 am #

    I love that roundtable

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