“You are not a sketch”

20 Jan

appearance 2 1Pictures of girls with anorexia. You see them all over the internet. We want to try to help them, but usually it’s all up to them. The best thing you could do, is to prevent. Star Models has their way of preventing anorexia on young girls. This is how they did it.

What is it?
A modeling agency in Brazil called Star Models, has released a new anti-anorexia ad campaign. They take pictures of models and turn them into life-size fashions illustrations (the illustrations which often look like the first fashion sketches of designers). By airbrushing the models into sketches, they want to spread the message to young women: ‘You are not a sketch!’ With this campaign, the agency wants to counter anorexia and they want to show that many pictures in the model industry aren’t realistic.

Why is it cool?

I think the campaign is a cool idea, because it has a very strong opinion. The powerful graphic ad campaign has been launched with the hope that it will send an effective anti-anorexia message among young people. Though, some people see the ad as an encourage for the disease trough social media. Some think that women could look at these pictures and images for ‘thinspiration’ (inspiration for ‘how to be thin’).

I’ve found a site (http://www.proud2bme.nl/info/Anorexia/Gevolgen) where the consequences of anorexia were described. I was really shocked by it, so I respected the “You are nog a sketch” campaign even more. It’s really cool that, also companies, contribute to something like anorexia to help girls all over the world!

appearance 2 2Why does it have future growth potential?
This idea has definitely future growth potential, because it shows the dangers of anorexia. The images show the thinness of how you could look with anorexia, and I’m sure almost no one thinks that’s pretty. They want to shock people with these kinds of campaigns to fight against anorexia. I think more ads will be based on these types of pictures to make people aware of the dangers of this disease. They will affect people by the shocking images and, in my opinion, will give girls, who think about going anorexic, a chance on a second thought.



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